Country Church on a Winter's Night by Verna Angerhofer, SD 2006

Artist Note: I made a night scene with the country church. I first stamped in the church with black Versafine Black Onyx ink and then masked it off. Then I stamped the Milky Way all over the sky with Big N'Juicy blue ink pad going down as far as the tree, grass line. I then filed in with dry chalks using makeup stick applicators until I achieved the color I wanted by darkening areas of the sky more with blues, purples and blacks. I also added a few more stars with a white Galaxy pen. To make the church appear to be in the dark, I gently combined wipings of black, blue and purple over the church. Also very lightly did that with the snow. When I had the color the way I wanted it, I sprayed the design with Blair workable fixative spray.