"Renewal" by Delores Azary 1998

Images: Lakeside Cove Lg. 049G, Cloud (cumulus) 018E, Cattails 016B, Boulders w/Lichen sm. 210C, Water Pattern 092E, Flock 112A, Ducks in Formation 027A, Solo Canoeist 159A.

"As my day ends I bask in the fading rays of a faithful sun. Taking my cue from my surroundings, I am assured tomorrow brings with it a fresh, new start. I can hear it in the voices around me -- all nature joins in. I am alone, yet many are with me. Birds circling, rejoicing in the hope of a new tomorrow, are echoing my thoughts. Night begins to fall, and a beautiful melody plays across the lake. It has echoed across the centuries and played afresh each day. I have learned to listen for only a few can hear.

"As I allow the melody to echo through my being, I am renewed. I hear the owl and sense she never looks back at what could have been, but only looks forward. Others join with her to remind me that I cannot change the past. I continue to listen and am filled with an all- encompassing peace. I know as the sun rises in the morning, a bright new day is promised and I can come again to my place of renewal."