"Journaling Our Vacation," by Cindy Smith, AZ June 2002

Images: Waterside Bluff Left 148F, Waterside Bluff Right 149F, Maple Pair 239D, Sedge Filler 251C, Bush 191A, Pickeral Rush 064B, Oak Branch 203G, Dog Walk 227A. Frame Images: Oak Branch 203G, Cloud Cumulus 018E, Leaf Sprig 127A, Grass Texture 208D, Water Patern sm 231C, Crack Earth 181G, Text lg. handwriting, Stampa Rosa.

Artist Notes: I loved "Morning Mist" (Stampscapes Drawing), and decided to "try" to recreate it. To create "Journaling Our Vacation" I cut the piece down in size, added some different images, and made a grid collage frame for it. What fun!