Susana Cueto Microscapes
cueto 33

Old Mill 062E

cueto 36

Seaside Dwellings 249E. Boulders w/Lichen 210C.

cueto 37

Lakeside Cove 048E. Oak Branch 203G. Crescent moon scratched into board

cueto 41

Autumn Bank Right 214G

cueto 32

Boulders w/Lichen 210C. Spear Fisher 109A. Oak Branch 203G. Pine Island 207E. Fir Row 243A

cueto 31

Curvilinear Road 145F. Mtn Bikers 060A. Rocky Peaks sm 211C. Tree Duo 085A.

cueto 40

Palms w/Bungalows 135F

cueto 30

Pebbles 256A. Tree Duo 085A. Horseback 173A. Rocky Peaks sm 211C.

cueto 39

Cloud w/Sun 107E. Solo Duck 162A.

cueto 34

Dog Walk 227A. Palm Cluster 100D. Pebbles 256A. Flock 112A.

cueto 35

Buck 008A. Meadow lg 057G.

cueto 38

Crane in H20 163A. Palm Cluster 100D. Water Pattern 231C. Cloud w/Moon 105E.

cueto 44

Pointing 156A. Boulders w/Lichen 210C. Rocky Peaks sm 211C.

cueto 45

Row Boat 166A. Milky Way Lg 059G.

cueto 48

Backpackers 002A. Rocky Peaks sm 211C. Sand Pattern 268E.

cueto 47

Canoe 010A. Lakeside Cove 048E. Rocky Peaks sm 211C.

cueto 43

Blooms and Bridge 221G.

cueto 46

Gushing Falls 042E. Rocky Peaks sm 211C.

cueto 56

Maple Brook 259F. Horseback 173A.

cueto 57

Boulders w/Lichen sm. Spruce Tree 077C. Cloud w/Sun 107E. Mountain Bikers 060A.

cueto 82

Rocky Peaks 211C. Bush 191A. Pebbles 256A. Lady on Horse 168A.

cueto 83

Cabin Sm 248A. Fir Row 243A.

cueto 84

Cow Pair 157A. Bush 191A. Cloud w/Sun 107E. Rocky Peaks Sm 211C.

cueto 85

Crane in H2O. Waterside Bluff (lft) 148F.

cueto 86

Bee by All Night Media. Leaf Sprig 127A by Stampscapes.

cueto 87

Lady Bug by All Night Media. Sedge Filler 251C, Leaf Sprig by Stampscapes.

1" x 1" scenes on Stampbord

Notes: All scenes here were stamped on these tiny 1" x 1" Stampbords. The bords are sold with other small sizes, up to 2" x 2", in half pound bags. They're perfect for card embellishments, pins, magnets, and anything else where a small board would be called for. The size of these little 1" x 1" pieces makes them feel like both a Scrabble (the game) piece and the nature of the surface of the Stampbord makes it feel like a ceramic tile when sprayed with a sealant such as a Krylon Crystal Clear or a Minwax Polyurethane. These both come in spray form.

These little tiles are also prime examples of how to use larger designs for the sections that you want. In other words, in many or most of these cases, stamps that were larger than the actual board surface were used. Susana has just either colored a small section of the stamp to use on the board or has just stamped a small area of a design over the entire board. In a couple cases a stamp as large as 3" x 4.5" was used --our "G" size designs. Comes to show how you can use sections of stamps for smaller applications and, thus, extend the usage of your designs. One of the perks of scenic stamping.