Misty in the Moonlight

"Misty in the Moonlight" by Linda Eslinger November 1997

Glossy Cardstock, Dye based colours, Opaque White paint pen.

Images: Seaside Cove 139H, Cloud w/Rising Moon 197E, Cloud (Cumulus) 018E, Palm Frond lg 124F, Sailboat 153B, Tonal Applicator 084E.

To sail on the ocean
With no sails above
On our own private journey
Guided by the light of love

With a full moon above
And the ocean below
We cruise through the night
Swaying gently to and fro

Gliding on a feeling
Wishing it wouldn't end
These times are so special
When shared with a true friend

by Linda Eslinger

Note: When Linda finished this card it reminded her of when she used to go out on her Dad's boat --Misty-- with her friends to party. She says, "Only on full moon nights of course". It brought back memories of this poem that she wrote back then. It's a beautiful card, poem and memory. I hope she doesn't mind us sharing it on the site.