"Paper Scratch" by Linda Ellenwood, OH 2005

Artists Note: I saw you fix a scene at the convention in Cinn.╩by scratching the mistake off the paper so I tried it with this scene. I scraped the moon and most of the white in the water. I did the stars by just twirling the scratch tool the same as I would on Stampbord. It seems to work surprisingly well.╩╩I wouldn't have╩thought of trying it if I hadn't seen you do it. It isn't as smooth or as dimensional as the Stampbord but it is something nice to know. I scratched the paper and then stamped the boat and╩really liked the effect. This is a scene I'm planning on doing on Stampbord. It'll be interesting to see the difference.╩╩The paper is CastCote from PaperZone so I don't know if that makes a difference. -LE