Smoke Card by Connie Frederick, AZ 2003

Artists Note: Done on white shinny paper (card stock). Get your lantern lit up and let it smoke up. Hold the shinny side of the card above the smoke and let the smoke adhere to paper. Carefully turn over and lay down. With dry stamps carefully press down and lift up and the smoke will adhere to the stamp and lift off the paper. Continue until all is stamped that you want to stamp. Spray card with a matte spray finish. You can have less smoke and try to get a swirly pattern but this is the effect I wanted. I love to use smoke on cards. Smoke will come off and not ruin the stamps.

Additional note on spray: You hold the spray can at arms length when spraying. Sometimes you get splatters of spray coming out of the can and it lands on the card. It really looks neat --almost like stars. But you never know if and how much you'll get as it's by chance and luck how it turns out. On this one I only have a couple in the sky but that's okay. If you try to get more you may ruin it so take what you can get. It's fun. Try it and I think you'll like it. -CF