"Egyptian" by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 2004

8.5" x 11" glossy paper, dye and pigment inks. Note: Geometric lines and symbols added with a white gel pen.

Stamp Credits: Ruins by Stamp Out Cute!. Statue by Zettiology. Lady Bug and Dog/Man by Gumbo Graphics. Eye and Man in Cape by 100 Proof Press. Cloud Cumulus, Cracked Earth Lg, Leafless Limbs, Leafless Limbs Lg, and Group Hike by Stampscapes.

This scene is about fusion and contrasts. Science and mysticism are paired by incorporating geometric balance and mystical iconography. The line work reflects the physical structure of the scene by connecting, in a circle, the eye (heaven) and man (earth). Two circles are bisected by horizontal lines, one at the feet of the sage and another at eye level with the statue god. The end points of these lines are on the circle perimeters which rise to a center point and take the pyramid shape. Where the circles overlap, in two places, the shape of the eye is reiterated. I wanted it to be a really fun scene by bringing in some of my perceptions of Ancient Egypt and working with what I had. No scarab? No problem - a lady bug will do!