Donna Goss, TX / dye-based colours and opaque white
Designs: Stampscapes®

Notes: Donna's created a real "Glow" to her scene here through her glazing of various hues and intensities. There's a real "warmth" and it's as if the source of light is within the scene itself. The usage of the Curvilinear Road 146F that leads to the cabin is a great compositional element that directs the eye straight into the picture. The Pine Row 150E in the foreground are nice elements and are enhanced by her delicate usage of highlights made with opaque white paint pen. The white dots add light direction, they bring out the trees, add texture and another element of cohesion to the overall scene by giving all the various depths (fore, mid, background) something in common besides color. In other words the dots are used as stars, highlights on the cabin roof and also on the trees that are closest to the viewer. It's like a "thread" running through all the areas bringing the scene together.

Donna Goss, TX