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Sandra Husted
Your stamps make cards come to life. I love how realistic your stamps are. They literally turn cardstock into a work of art. Keep up the beautiful work. Mary Kaye Jenrich -Chicago, IL
Love love your work! Going to try your stamps! Can't wait to get! Cheryl Jurgess
I've just received my first stamp order from Stampscapes and I'm completely blown away! I learned of your stamps only last weekend at an annual card crafting weekend. While I was looking for ideas, I came across some cards that were made using these fabulous stamps. My sister and I watched a couple of the tutorials and thought" he sure makes that looks easy". I truly felt after watching that I needed to try! My order was here in 2 days, that was amazing in itself! I'm no artist, just someone who loves to craft, but the results I had on my first try have me given the confidence to try some new techniques that I would have never thought I could tackle! Next year, I'll be able to share these beautiful images and some new techniques at our annual get together! Thanks Kevin! Janni B from Portola, CA
I agree with all these people who have written such descriptive accolades about your stamps and your work, I cannot believe I have been stamping and doing other art work and didn't know about your stamps, and technique til I read it in Scrap N Stamp Magazine. God Bless. U truly have a great gift and don't mind sharing it. Sincerely Gini D. Cornucopia, Wi
Kevin, I just now have had a little time to explore more of your website and discovered the guest book. I have so much to say about your Stamps, there isn't room here and it would take a while, (ha ha). As I have told you before these stamps are the best ever, your videos are the best ever, so clear, so calm, so inspiring, love hearing you talk and with certainty and love it with no editing, makes it more interesting. I have just place another big order, I keep thinking I have all I need then another video comes out and there is another scene I want to make. I love the fact that you created stamps that are easy to use with the videos that teach me what I want to do, I can choose any one of those video to do just that. You are certainly one talented person and so thankful you share your talents with the stamping world. I had stamps that I used to make a card, but never look like what I have created with your stamps, I didnŐt get the excitement or the challenge with those stamps like I do yours. I am always thinking about what the next scene will be in my mind, and get so excited I can wait until I leave work to do that. I also donŐt want to do any other crafts but this, and some people are seeing what I can do and think I am good with this. I have sold some copies of my work and it makes me happy to see the joy on their face to get them. I have been so blessed with discovering your website and your help to do something that turns out so beautiful! I can't thank you enough for all the joy and happiness it has brought to me, and I just hope you keep continuing with keeping STAMPSCAPES alive for the next generations to come ...oh, so sad for those that haven't discovered this happiness yet. Many days have been made happier with this creation of yours. I THANK YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND WILL DO!, Sincerely, Marilyn Coleman, Candler, NC
Kevin, thank you so much for your designs and all your tutorials. I wish I would have found you sooner, I would not have so many unused stamp sets! Since my first purchase, I haven't been able to put down your stamps. I have actually created a couple of scenes that people think are amazing and that I have artistic ability! When I explain to them my only artistic ability is the ability to stamp and blend, they think I am being modest. I made the aggravating mistake of using photo glossy paper and how I got the inks to blend, well it is beyond me.... But now I can't wait to use the right paper! I think someone else mentioned maybe some Southwest Desert based stamps, I would love to see that also. I can only hope I may one day have the vision you have! Sincerely, Maggie Montoya
Dear Kevin, Thank goodness you have scenery that includes mountains in your stamp sets! I have been looking for realistic mountains and Sierra Tahoe type trees for my daughter's wedding invitations. She had an idea in mind and I was just running into problem after problem finding something that would work, until I came across your website! Thank you for having the tutorials that show how to use your stamps to create the beautiful card samples that were all over your website. I just LOVE making scenes with stamps but, sometimes, it is very difficult to get the right size perspectives. Not true with your sets however, because you have the large and small versions of the same sets so that you can make that distance perspective and it takes the art from flat to having depth! Thanks for all of the wonderful images and information. I will be looking forward to visiting your site again for some more ideas and sets soon. Sincerely, Tracy Ferguson
Dear Kevin, So thrilled to accidentally found your site. Just recently purchased the tonal applicator and stylus wands. It was exciting the images grouped in size categories but it would be nice to have an idea of the size of each letter grouping. Some desert scenes and cactus would be a nice addition. Thank you again - I found what I have been looking for! Terry
I love your stamps. I have given it a try and did quite well. Maybe I will upload to the gallery soon. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful videos, Kevin. I have seen them numerous times. Penny Nichols
Love stampscapes designs. Thanks for the promptness of my orders. Have enjoyed watching the videos. I have learned so much and enjoy working with all the stamps I have, which is many, and plan on getting more. Just wish I was able to attend some of your workshops. Thanks So Much! Virginia Winter. Upton, WY
Thank you so much for sharing this unique art form. I appeciate the simplistic serenity the art form brings to the soul. Angie Scardina
Kevin, I discovered your stamps and website through the Create A Scene blog. I was lucky enough to snag a couple at Viva Las Vegas Stamps. Just tried them out today and came back to your site for more. Thank You so much for your wonderful stamps and the You Tube videos. Sharon Young
Thanks -Kelly Miller
kevin, any chance of designing cave dweller stamps? saw some awsome scenes at mammoth cave recently and your talent came to mind. Give it a thought!! -Angela Scardina
So glad to be able to "tone into" such stamping awsomeness! I admire Kevin's style, calm, confident approach, and true God given talents. Bless you Kevin, and keep em coming! -Angela Scardina
I'm thrilled to find you! I've been wanting to achieve the look that your stamps help create, but didn't have the tools. Now that I know about Stampscapes, I want all your stamps, and I can't wait to play with them!! Your work is an inspiration! Thank you so much for what you do!!
Hi Kevin, When my dear friend Angie had her home flooded here in Queensland, I was able to help her clean her craft items...this lead me to your wonderful stamps!!!! And i fell in love, they are just wonderful. Amazing to think that something good could come out of such a dreadful experience. I look forward to the day that Angie and I can get together and play with these beautiful designs....hopefully soon. Thank you, Leonie. QLD Austrlia. 04/13/2011
Just Placed an order... impressed with the quickness and professional notification that I could track my purchase... so often I have ordered from other companies and waited weeks wondering what became of it.Anxious to be creative and unable to do so... not with Stampscapes... so wonderful I love the detail and beauty of the stamps and truly am so grateful of the creativity created for me to recreate my own inspirations... so looking forward to more beautiful stamps to come sincerely -Angelina
Hi there,
I have only just discovered Stampscapes and so very glad I did. I couldn't wait to order, now I can't wait for my stamps to arrive so I can start playing. Fantastic tutorials too, I am very impressed. Cheers Suzanne

Love your stampscapes! I ordered a full nature set in Jan & I love them. I enjoy making scenes on cards. I love all the interchangeable elements. I am soo thankful for the lessons and the ideas. they have helped me tremendously. I don't have a store nearby or anyone for lessons so they have been invaluable to me. Thanks Kevin. Betsy in NH
Boy have you guys gotten me hooked. I hope you are back so you can send me my order!!! I'm working on teaching myself so I hope to start up a class at a nearby shop. I am open to all kinds of info, help, etc. to the beginner. I also want to learn how to use the tonal tool. Working on what types of ink I can use at the moment....... Your work is beautiful and hopefully you can come to Florida and do a workshop soon. Thank you everyone for sharing!
Allyson from Australia. Thanks to a local craft show, via The Stamp Trap, I discovered your product and fell in love. Finally some backgrounds for my dragons and fairies. I just love your product. SO easy to produce a reasonable background or design for a card. And all original!
Hi Kevin. Sharon from OZ here. Just wanted to say thank you again for sponsoring the Stampers Quest challenge. I received my beautiful stamps and now my only question is, are you going to come to Australia and teach me how to use them, please!! The work I have seen surfing the net, using your stamps, has been incredible and I wish I was half as talented. I am sure that if you had the time to come down under, there would be a list a mile or more long of people wanting to attend some classes with you... Hey if you want, you could teach from my home!! LOL. Cheers, Sharon
Hi There! I purchased my first Stampscapes Stamp last year in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada & just went back there recently & purchased several more. I'm hoping you keep posting "how to" classes on line. Again, what a great selection of stamps & endless possibilities. AJ
06/2009: Kevin, once I learned of your site, I was fascinated to watch some lessons on U-Tube. It's amazing to me that by using your stamps this way can create an absolutely BEAUTIFUL landscape scene. I'm fascinated by the lessons and LOVE your stamps. They are AWESOME! Jan Ewell
Hi Kevin: It was so nice to meet you at Puyallup and the lesson you gave my sister and I was just what I needed to get started. I really appreciated your teaching abilities. Thank you so much for the time you devoted to our Make and Take. I mentioned to you that I am from Quesnel, BC with no other dealers around so I will fax my order to you. Doreen Erixon
Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for teaching at Akron Ohio. My friend Jean and I stood for some time to take your class and it was well worth the wait. We are friends of Mary Schwartz. Their store is where we go for lessons. I LOVE these stamps and can't get enough of them to do. I also was the one who ask about the black and white look. I have not had time to do this yet but I am going to try the look for a wolf picture. Also I would like to stamp an image off in dark red and go around the picture with some other colors. Any suggestions? Keep up the great work. Bobbi (from Indiana.)
Oh my! Such incredibly beautiful landscapes! I'll start off with buying just a basic set, but know I'll end up buying most all of the stamps you sell. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin, and I'll be back!!
thanks for sparking my imagination and providing a great product. love the tutorials. thanks!!
Thank you for making such wonderful stamps. Scampscapes is such an essential site for any stamper. I'll be back, Helen
Hello from Finland! Your stamps are one of the best I've ever seen. I already have some and I just placed new order. Regards, Niina from Klaukkala, FINLAND
Kevin, I just saw your new picture on your home page. It is magnificent. The write-up under the picture is so well written it is like poetry. One look at your picture and your writings, no wonder so many people are hooked on Stampscapes at first glance. You are amazing. Sandy in Missouri July 08
I recently attended a Stampscapes class and am now hooked. The stamps are gorgeous and not as hard to work with as I thought they would be. I am planning to order some more (today) and can't wait to get them. The person that taught our class first taught us in black and white but said she will soon teach a color class. Can't wait. I keep hoping someone will have a scrapbook/stamping convention in the Raleigh/Durham area so we can see firsthand all the things you can do with stamps. So far no luck. Sharon - Durham, NC
Dear Kevin, I have just, well now it's several hours ago, found your website by accident, trying to find a stamp I saw listed on ebay -- oh my goodness! What an amazing thing you have created!!!! I have never seen such a website, with humor, gentle instructions, gorgeous illustrations, clear techniques information -- and it all flows and works together so wonderfully! You must be so proud of what you have created! I am complete fascinated... I now have something I can study for hours, days, months... Such great information about mounted or unmounted stamps, suggestions for suppliers, very friendly, encouraging instructions -- all helping to invite a new person in, and not be intimidated, but welcomed and encouraged that it is possible to learn to do this. Thank you so much for creating this. I just wanted to write and let you know... I am in New York, and it is the middle of the night, but it has been completely engaging! It is hard to tear away from it! Good night or good morning - which ever applies! Gratefully, Les
I just attended the Puyallup Stamp Convention and was thrilled to see Kevin there and be able to do a make and take, I loved his ideas and views of how to accomplish the great technique and making us feel that we really mattered and explained so well how to do it and why and how to come up with the color choices, it was more than a make and take it was someone who loves what they do and loves sharing it. I can not wait to try it now that I am home. Thank you for your time and patients. Billie Anderson, Doty WA
I just took my first class today with Stampscapes stamps and I really like the technique and how they look. Now I will spend some time checking out your web site it looks pretty cool. -Vickie, AZ
I just Love your Stampscapes stamps.. I have been crafting many years and always wished I could paint with oils or water colours but lacked the confidence to try.. but with your stamps, a few ink pads and a couple of tools I can easily loose myself in cascading waterfalls with stormy skies to quiet fishing trips on calm waters as the day comes to a end with a sky blazing with all the colours of a sunset, and I can look at the finished product with satisfaction and think "Yes. I did that." Take care. Lesley.
I am just getting started with Stampscapes and I can tell you already, I AM HOOKED! These stamps are designed incredibly well and I am very impressed with how easy they are to use and combine together! The folks here in Minnesota would love to see an ice house or ice fishing sort of water scape (just in case your looking for some suggestions) Thanks again for a great line of stamps! -Jodi LeVesseur
Kevin, I attended a stamping class Sunday and when I walked in the door the first thing I spotted was two cards made using your stamps. I was mesmerized and haven't thought of much of anything since. Unfortunately, I cannot locate a store in Tennessee that sells your stamps but instructor said the owner of the PF store was at CHA in Anaheim and she had recommended he check the booth - HOPEFULLY! In the meantime, I plan to place an order. I do not have an artistic bone in my body but mother use to say, "When you set your mind to do a thing - you do it." I've set the mind - now just hope mother was right. Beautiful - cannot get over it! - DeAnna Cooley, Foothills of the Smokies
Kevin, you have brought such joy and inspiration into my life! Your stamps, the Yahoo group and some special people there have given me a part of myself that I never knew existed until 1 1/2 years ago. While I did do some stamping, it was never satisfying and fulfilling as a hobby. One day I saw a couple of your stamps and went on a search to be able to find them! Once I did, I was totally hooked!!! You are an amazing person and your art is beyond words. Thank you for bringing all this into my life!!!!! Sandy Whalen. Sept '07
Hello Again Kevin, I have purchased so many of your stamps and still want more. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I can create a beautiful card using your amazing stamps. You sir are a genius! Something else I would like to mention is that I have always been a nature lover. I have always preferred a beautiful sunset or a scene involving animals to any other art, photograph, or real life scene. But it wasn't until I bought and started using the Stampscape Stamps that my eyes were really open to the beauty of the landscape that surrounds me everyday. When I started using the SS stamps and trying to add color to my work I started to really pay attention to the finer details of the landscape that surrounds me. The sky isn't just blue, nor are the trees just green, and the rocks brown. I finally started to notice the different shades or values of blue, green, brown and all the other wonderful colors that make up our world. Now when I walk to work or go for a drive, I don't just look at the scenery around me, I pay attention to how the light will hit an object, create shadows, or even change the color of certain things. Thank you Kevin for opening my eyes to the true beauty of our planet. Sincerely, Sally Assinewai. Manitoulin Island. Sept '07
I just want to say how refreshing it is to do business with an owner who has integrity, personality & always adds that personal touch!!! Thank you so very much. All that you do is very much appreciated - thank you. Barb Poole
Kevin, Wow it has been quite a while since I visited your site and I was very pleasantly surprised!!! I am thrilled that you are offering the old Stamp In the Hand Greek/Roman stuff!!! I love the new images as well!! Can't wait to get them in the mail and Play!!! Linda Eslinger
enjoy what other people have done, am leery of doing my own because i always mess it up. thank you for letting me see these. it really does inspire me to try anyway. i guess we are our own best critics, right. but i have found a friend that is willing to try to do some of these on our own. i have alot of the stamps just waiting to be tried. again thank you. pauline washburn e-mail is polly123@juno is anyone would like to share ideas or tips on card making.
It's been a few years (6) since I've purchased any stampscapes but I'm looking forward to checking this site out more and seeing what is new! Jen
These are some of the most beautiful stamps I have ever seen. They are very easy to work with and make me feel so artistic! thank you for a great product. Krista, WYOMING USA
WOW! High quality stamps, very fast shipping, and I LOVE that you use Paypal! I'm hooked. Thanks!
I love all the designs from Stampscapes & was very lucky to see Kevin in action at the Carson Convention a few years ago. At the time Iwas very new to rubber stamping, but was so enchanted by Kevins work, I did buy 3 of his stamps! I now want to do more and am about to order some of the stamps. PLEASE come to New Zealand, we need you! I am inspired & encouraged by Kevin's art work and would love to learn more about all the techniques etc. Many thanks Kevin, you are an inspiration to many many stampers. Best of luck to you! Sunshine, in New Zealand!
Hello, I've been aquainted with your website for several years and I think that your stamp designs and the results shown in the art gallery are absolutely awesome! I was happy to find out that Stampscapes can also be delivered from an address here in The Netherlands. Marie-Therese
I love your stampsscapes. I'm interested in the class in Lake Elsinore late Spring. More information please. Thank you. Josie.
Dear Kevin and all of your talented friends, I love your stamps, I have a couple dozen or so and am still acquiring more. I have sat in on many of your mini-classes and make-n-takes at the Carson show and always come away revitalized and inspired. Thank you for that. What I wanted to tell you is that I really enjoy listening to you describe your work. Your feelings about what you see on the paper is very thought provoking for me. You show such patience in your descriptions and teaching and that must come from the joy your art provides you. I understand that feeling in my own way with my own creating and the time I spend listening to you is very soothing and relaxing. You are such a talent Kevin, not just in your art but in your people skills. What a pleasure! Candy French. P.S. I am from Whittier/Pico Rivera myself and went to college in Whittier. Also, I now live in San Diego and have taken Stampscapes class from Mike Strong here and he does a great job. He is quite the colorist!
Kevin, good morning. My name is Charlene Bodero, I live in Connecticut and currently I buy my supplies from Simply Stamps. My teacher is Pat Nappier. Simply Stamps has announced closing their store effective end of Feb. Where else can I receive more classes or buy my supplies now? I love what I have learned and all my family & friends are amazed. Please let me know. Thank you, Charlene
Hi I love you stamps and the scenes you come up with. Thank you, Joan
Hi! I just absolutely LOVE your stamp designs!! I think they are without a doubt the most beautiful stamps I have ever, ever seen!! Keep up the great work!!! Tammy Blake. Lakeport, California
Just love your scenes-I fish a lot up in Canada and these stamps remind me of the out-post I go to. CDL-Ohio
Kevin, I never cease to be amazed by your wonderful website. Thanks for all your efforts! Hugs from Texas. Jackie
Greetings from the UK. My wife and I attended a stamp craft exhibition yesterday and saw your Stampscenes products for the first time. We were amazed at the quality and diversity of your range. The subject matter of your stamps are very much to our taste in art form as we love landscape. My wife is a stamp enthusiast and I am a beginner in watercolours so this range suits us perfectly. We are both particularly impressed with your website and the contributions made to your gallery by artists using your stamps. We now have a good quantity of the stamps and intend to add more to our collection. Hopefully we will be able to produce some work worthy of a place in your gallery. Sincerely yours, Tony& Marion Palmer [2 Oct 2005]
I really enjoy all the new techniques I can apply to my growing list of ways to do cards. Thank you very much. Alex Gehman
Hi Kevin, Met you at Stampaway USA in Cincinnati, OH back in August. Really enjoyed your demo/make & take the most of anything there. I am so hooked! Hope you come back to our area again. Please add me to your mailing list. Linda Booher
Hi Kevin, I met you yesterday in Arlington, I really enjoyed the lessons and your taking time to help me. Your website is Great!! The lessons are awesome. Thanks for this new and exciting "stamping idea". Jackie
Thank you for providing such a great web site to learn all your techniques. -Belinda Alaniz
In a word, your site is AWESOME! Connie Xenia Crouch -Austin, TX USA
Melissa Burgess
Hi Kevin! It was nice meeting you at Simply Stamps, and enjoyed your demonstration. I hope to see you at the Convention this weekend, and looking forward to buying lots of your awesome stamps! Keep up the good work! Jackie
Bert D'Orazio
Please add me to your mailing list. I LOVE these stamps!! -Jennifer Lynn Jantek
Love your stuff, making "scenes" is my best fun! Love you Kevin, keep up the good work! -Sally Mato, Bradenton, Florida XXXOOO
I learnt this technique soom 10 years ago - I was enthrawled with it then and 10 years later still enthrawled WOW and thank You. -Aussie Downunder
Great web site! -ScrappinStacy
Hello Kevin!!! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your stamps!! Last year I ordered my first "round" of your stamps and I was hooked instantly!! I made myself a promise that I would do at least one or two orders a year--"maybe" more -- until I have all the ones that I wanted. :0) I do free-hand artwork and I've always wanted to find a stamp company that featured landscape stamps that looked realistic so I could make my stamped projects (mainly home-made cards), look like they were drawn by hand--or close to it, that is!! Also, I have very few stamps that cater to making "men" cards, until I discovered your stamp line. Now, I have the means to making these type of cards with your stamps, and even though I'm still "new" to this type of stamping technique, I know that with practice, I will be able to create awesome cards-- and art-- that will make an impression on the people that I give them too!!! I can't wait until my next order arrives--just to turn around and send out another one!! I also like the "realistic" animals in your stamp line, and was wondering if you plan on adding anymore new ones??? Being from Maine, we have a lot of moose and whitetail deer here, so I was wondering if you had any plans to create any stamps along those lines?? Plus, I also was wondering if you were going to do anymore "horse" stamps as well ( a herd of mustangs would really be awesome ), since they are my favorite animal, and a common subject for my artwork--along with deer, that is?!?! I've noticed that on your schedules for workshops, conventions, etc., that you come close to Maine, but not to Maine itself, so I hope that in the future that you'll consider making a visit here sometime --- it would be great to see a live demonstration of your technique in person!!!! Keep up the great work, and I look forward to placing many more orders with you in the future!! Sincerely, Marta French, Maine
Hi! A friend of mine talked me into taking a stampscapes class at a local rubber stamping business and I am hooked. At the first class I won your catalog and already have purchased over 15 of the stamps. Thank you for taking rubber stamping to a new dimention. Barb Berg
Hi Kevin, Thanks for sending me my order so quickly. This is my second week using your stamps. I first purchased them from a store quite far from me. The owner of the shop was just great. Within 5 min. she had me hooked. Came home ordered from you what she didn't have. Found another stamp shop close to home on your web site, but they carryed very little of your items. Just the filler stamps. Show my Dad, how its done, and he was hooked, so we took another trip to Lindstrom, MN today. Its great fun, beautiful results. Iam so happy we found stampscapes, along with a great shop owner, who knows her stuff. Thanks,Thanks Kathy Behrens Sometime, I hope you can come to the Midwest.
I absolutely love everything about Stampscapes and will continue going into debt until I own each and every one of them. Will you be teaching any classes in the near future and, if so, where and when? Thanks, Rose --Oregon
Kevin, What fantastic images! What a fantastic site! Spoke to your mom yesterday at Taco Bell here in Lompoc. She turned me on to your site. I had no idea. She told me you were going to teach a college class. Sounds like a great new experience for you. I know some people that do rubber stamping and I'm looking forward to letting them know. If I were still teaching graphics at Cabrillo I would be your best customer. Best Wishes, Richard Rosen
I was introduced to your stamps 3 years ago by a stamp teacher who did nothing but your stamps... and of 'course... she hooked just about every student she had on 'em... as I am, I am sure... anyhow... just found this site and thought I'd let you know how I LOVE your stamps... thank you for all the ideas also...
Kevin... I just received my order and OH MY these have to be the most beautiful stamps. I can't wait to use them all. Thank you so much for the free stamp with the trees. I will use that a LOT!!! I am so impressed... now if I can only make my cards look half as good as your examples, I will be thrilled. Thanks again...Kathay Putnam, Houston, TX
Hi Kevin, I am a huge fan of your stamps and an avid lurker on the Scenestampers list. Anyway, there is a convention planned in February in St. Mary's , Ga. It is a great time and although I live in South Florida, I am again putting it on my schedule for 2005. I would love to see your work sometime and have begged local shop owners to contact you ...I'm still waiting...Anyway, I was just thinking, if you weren't planning anything, It might be a nice east coast location for you to attend. Anyway...just hoping...wishing...Thanks in advance, Sincerely, Diane Sasscer
Hi Kevin, Ruben & Susana - You all did such a great job at the Stampaway convention. Kevin, you really have me hooked on this new medium clayboard, it's soooo cool. Everyone has to try it! Take care you three. Smiles, Regina The lady who year after year convinces Kevin to make a video!!!!! hee-hee
hi this site is very cool my tia got me likeing to do stamping ~thanks~
Thank you very much for the detailed lessons. My husband is now interested in stamping and enjoys your line of stamps. He generally uses stippling or watercolours but after seeing the brayered simplescapes is off to try that. Marilyn Storton Dyke Savage
I love your site. The artists are so talented. I am inspired. I asked my local stamp shop to hold a class on Stampscape stamps. They put a class together and it was wonderful. I am going to go broke with all the stamps I want to acquire. Please add me to your guestbook and let me know when your catalog is available. Thanks, Sandy in St. Peters, Missouri.
I discovered Scampscapes about 3 years ago. By a lovely lady who runs a store in Down East Maine called Pen Ventures. She gave me a quick lesson along with your web address and I bought a fist full of stamps. I have been hooked ever since! I live in NH and with my luck there are no stores who carry your stamps. So twice a year my supportive Husband takes me to Pen Ventures (3 1/2 hour drive). I spend several hours there discussing all the new stuff along with techniques that I have learned and Linda & I have a blast. It took me so long to convince her to come down to Manchester NH and do the show. I have been to A LOT of stores in NH telling people of your stamps even members of my stampers circle and card swap trying desperately to get someone to carry them and do demo's but no bits:( Some day I will succeed in this mission. Until then I love you Stamps! Ann Caldon Durham, NH
I have been introduced to your way of stamping and i love it, could you please add me to your guest list and let me know when your catalog becomes available. Thank you, Judy Brunk in the mountains of Virginia
Your stamping system is very beautiful and looks like it would be great fun, please let me know when your catalog is ready to order! Pamela Bartlett, Tampa, Florida
Hi my name is sheri miller. I live in ofallon,mo. I was introduced to ur beautiful web site,i have purchased some stamps and was given a lesson by a very talented man at a week-end marathon for stampers. I have been so excited. My christmas cards were the best i have ever made thanks to you and the gentleman who took time to share with all of us ladies, thanks from mo.
Hi I just recently found some of your Stamps in Winthrop, Maine. Paula Phillips gave me a private lesson and I am hooked. I have already purchased quite a few of your stamps and would love to take more lessons. Could you please let me know when your catalog is available. I would love to purchase that also. My e-mail address is My name is Gloria Vallieres and I live in Greene, Maine. Thank you very much and continued success. Also, could you add me to your guestbook. Gloria Vallieres
I would like to sign up as a guest! I love your stamps and will be submitting an order soon. Thanks...Vicki Allgaier
Sharon Miles
Hi-I found your website awhile ago and finally found a place to purchase your stamps! I look forward to adding more to my collection soon! Laurie (
To all at Stampscapes, wow, what a wonderful website!!! Your gallery is beautiful, so much to look at...and thank-you for showing the lessons!!!!! I found your stamps at a make and take I did at the Madison, WI One of a Kind Rubberstamping/Scrapbooking show. It was so much fun. I bought 5 or 6 stamps to make the scene I had done, three days later I had a minor stroke (your stamps must have been too exciting!) I was in the hospital for a week for tests and recovery. My right side was affected which is my dominant side. I have been so depressed because I feared I couldn't use my fun stamps so now I'm "training" my left hand and using the stamps as therapy for my right hand. So now your stamps are serving two purposes. Beauty and therapy! Thank-you so much for making such amazingly beautiful stamps and sharing with us how to use them! Please let me know when your catalog comes in. Thank-you!! Mindi S.
I am a beginning stamper. When I found your website with all of your beautiful images. I was just mesmerized! I have never seen anything quite as lovely! I can't wait to get a catalog & get started on my creations! Please let me know when they come in. Thanks, Dianne
Dear Kevin I am just back online after a long time waiting. Enjoyed your new stamps at the show in Puyallup last spring. I have done quite a bit with the lighthouse which was a new addition to my y collection. The bridge still stumps me. I have one of your demos that you did for my husband and I will get better. I have given some demos with your stamp line for our stamp club and another craft group. Love them. Hope to see you at the next big show in Puyallup Washington. Keep it up. Your fan, Pat Hicks Tacoma Washington (lady with deally bobbers on her head)
thank you for being here! Jo Martin
Ben Franklin Crafts East Grand Forks, MN
Hello, I have recently discovered your most wondrous and magical rubber stamps after checking out a copy of "Rubberstampmadness" from my local library. I was so mesmerized by the image I saw in your ad that I went back and checked out every issue they had to see what else you offered. I want to start a collection of your stamps ASAP and begin creating "works of art" on my own. Please contact me as soon as your catalog is available so I can purchase one. Thanks much, ChrisAnn
I took a class recently using the Stampscapes stamps and it was amazing. I loved it. I want to create more pictures from your stamps. Thanks, Nancy Griest, Okeechobee FL.
I just returned from Colorado Springs and the Cripple Creek, Colorado area and your stamps are exact images of some of the scenery I enjoyed there. I cant wait to get some of the boulder stamps and use them. I took lots of photos so I can use the stamps better. Thanks for creating them. -Gyinn Curtis
Please add me to your guest book. I have some of the stamps that I viewed on the web page, and I love the stamps. And I would love to purchase a catalog from you when you get them in stock. Thank you, Julie Gadson
I have just been to a stamp show at Alexandra Palace, London where I saw your wonderful stamps demonstrated. I just had to buy some and I cannot get over the beautiful pictures that I have begun to make after such a short time of experimenting. I can see that I am going to have to buy some more! Alas, poor credit card....Di Gregory
Just wanted to tell you that Stampscapes is the best thing that has happened to Rubber Stamping! I am looking forward to learning more about it, and of course to hearing when the new catalog will be out!
I love stampscapes. Please add me to your guest book.
Finally took the time to find your website and it is wonderful. I am so intrigued by your stamps. Margaret S. Matthews
Just love your stamps and art gallery. Pat
Hi, I just love your cards. Cheryl Brach (
I just love your stamps....are you going to have an updated hard copy of your catalog soon? If so I would love to purchase one. Thanks.
This is my first time to a stamping website. I should not admit it!!! I have had a stamp store for almost five years, and we carry your stamps. I absolutely love them, I stamp on photographs of the sky, using the blue for water or sky. I also like to stipple bright colors behind your images. I have never used the toners. I had a customer tell me that I am missing alot, so she advised me to check out your website.
Patty Whitenight
Rubber Stamping at Dale Whitenight's Farm Market
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I am in awe of the talented people at Stampscapes . Your cards are outstanding. I want to be just like you when I grow up!
Hello!! I've just recently "finished" checking out your site and it's fantastic!! I've been hoping and waiting for a site just like yours for a long time. Rubberstamping is one of my hobbies, and the ones I have get a work out with all the projects I do. But, I'm also a free-hand artist and some of the work I saw was absolutely beautiful.!! Which is why I've been waiting for a stamp site like this one.. With all the different "scapes' and "skies" of nature you have, it'll make my work a little easier--creating different worlds and places that the viewer would day-dream about!! As I browsed through the pages, I have acquired quite a lengthy list of products that have caught my attention!!! Plus, I like the fact that you also have a order form that can be printed out-- I'm leery about ordering over the internet, so "SNAIL-MAIL" is much better for me. Keep up the good work and sometime soon, my "1st" order will be coming in!! Take care!! Marta French - Prospect, Maine
I could not believe that I would find such wonderful lessons on a site. I just got back from Colorado and Wyoming and was unable to talk a shop owner out of one of the posters in her window. She told me about the site. Now I have a lot of unpacking yet to do and am so anxious to start stamping that I am beside myself. Thank you so much and I will now begin to do some of the better things. I would like to know though. How often do your artists emboss their images. Do they do it during the process and then at the end also? (Kevin) No one in this area is doing the wonderful things Kevin does. Wish I could see him here! Diane Morris - Des Moines, Iowa
Hello. I just found your web pages and thank you for such wonderful and helpful information. I have a number of your stamps and would love a catalog of all you offer. I read that you are currently out of them, but if you will let me know if you are getting more I will send my order in. I hope you will again have your booth at the Stamp Show held in Puyallup sometime in May I think. (I have not heard what the exact dates will be yet.) My husband is a upland game bird hunter and and salmon and steelhead fisherman, so I especially love making cards with these themes for him and his friends. Your stamps are the most beautiful I have seen. Thank you for letting me know about the availably of your catalog.
Best wishes, Sue Wohlford
Please add me to your guestbook.
Dear Kevin (If I may be so bold) I think your web site is wonderful and have now ordered some of your stamps from Serendipity. I neither draw nor paint so this should be fun. Carole -England
I just had to compliment the artists work I found here in your gallery. The colours took my breath away. To have the patience to stamp landscapes in the details some of your members have done certainly reaches a high level of excellence. Of course good products like Ranger inks go a long way to making this achievable. I have my own workshops here in the UK, but stamping is still relatively new compared with the United States of America. I have been fortunate to travel there and take hands on classes. Also whilst there I have taken the opportunity to fill my case with all manner of stamping goodies It has been my pleasure to "visit" and I sincerely thank Joe Nathan for introducing me to such a fabulous site. Warm and kind regards from across the pond.
Joan Petty
Stampscapes is what I envisioned being able to do someday. But of course I must take those trying baby steps first. Thank you for sharing my dream, your reality.
Debbie Clark
Hi Kevin, Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did at the Carson convention today.Your green cabin scene is framed and on our wall already. We truly appreciate your form of art.Please send us the name or link to the person who does the stamp stories.And let us know when you will be coming to Bakersfield, Ca to teach classes as we will both sign up.
Thanks Again - Neil and Kathy
Hello Stampscapes, I want to let you now that I loved your stamps very much and also your site.
Greetings from Holland from Anja Roseboom and if some people want to trade cards with me let me now please.
Anja Roseboom -
Subject: My dream come true From: Sandra McCoy I am a punch art addict. I love making cards and scrapbook pages using nature related punch art. Your stamps will make an amazing background for my creations. I just made an enormous order! I especially love the sky elements, trees and rocks. If I had one suggestion for you, it would be to make some Southwestern desert elements such as mesas, rock arches, lava fields, sandscapes and dry washes.
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