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Hi Kevin, I showed my SS (Stampscapes) cards to Kari Asdal in Norway and she liked them so much she thought I should send them to you. These are my very first "5 minute" SS motifs. They all got "Big & Juicy "Spice" backgrounds. Texts by Northstarstamps and Picturetrail (both Norway).

This is a little story about me and why I love Stampscapes so much:

I discovered the world of rubber stamping in January 2004, and I immediately loved the SS stamps when I saw them...this little story will explain why... I was born in Alta in Norway, not far from the "top of Europe", in 1973 on a cold winters day. I grew up in Alta, but later my fathers work required us to move around a lot. In my late teens I wanted more adventures, so I moved to France for three years. It was during my stay in France that I discovered the beauty of the nature, the sky and the oceans. Every time I got homesick I could look at the stars in the sky, knowing that at the exact same time my Norwegian friends back in Norway could see the same sky images! So when I returned to Norway after my stay abroad, it was the nature that blended me with it's beauty. I started asking myself why on earth I had never discovered it before, and realized that I had grown in so many ways during my stay in France. Now I am so glad to be back in my native city, I will never ever leave again... Anka

Ann-Karin Hindbjoergmo / Anka from the top of Norway