Ann-Karin Hindbjørgmo Gallery II




Long time now since I've sendt you any SS cards for my gallery. Maybe its time for my second gallery now ;-) I didn't realise that you«d got an copy of my publication in "Ett Trykk" in my gallery! *lol* These ones are quiet different from my very first ones, at least I like to think so ;-) Here are still some simplescapes but also some where I've used Luna Lights paint at acetat film, and some where I've used a lot of time coloring the landscapes. And I've got to admit: it's so much nicer with colors! It really brings life into the image. Anka, Ann-Karin S. Hindbj¿rmo (Alta, Norway)

Ann-Karin Hindbjoergmo / Anka from the top of Norway