"Mosaics" by Barbara Holl, WA 2002

Note from Artist: Cabin w/Fence 144F is brayered with Kaleidacolor Bouquet. The other is the photo of clouds (they make great backgrounds) and is stamped with Palms with Huts 094G. The Cabin is a "mosaic" technique. I used double sided sticky paper and placed the strips trying to match the colors as much as possible. Then I used silver embossing powder in between the strips. I slipped when trying to stamp (easy to do on slick surfaces) so the photo was no good for the original project. I decided to cut the photo into 1/4" strips and weave them for a background. Simple as that! I've taught classes about stamping on photos and usually someone slips so they need to use the "mistake" for something else. Fun!" -BH