General Information about Stampscapes
For information on stamping techniques, follow the link to the lessons section of the site. For ordering information, follow the link under that name.
-What are the stamps made out of?
-Do you sell unmounteds?
-Is Stampscapes an Angel Company?
-How old is Stampscapes?
-Do you have a store?
-Do you have a hard copy catalog?
-Do you sell wholesale?
-Where can I take a Stampscapes workshop?
-Do you have an instructional video?
-How often is the website updated?

What are the stamps made out of?

RUBBER: The Rubber Stamps are made with a deeply etched natural red rubber which is the most durable and gives the best impressions.

If wood mounted:

WOOD/CUSHION: Wood mounts are 3/4" maple with an hourglass profile. Rubber is mounted with the use of 1/16" double coated black adhesive cushion.

INDEXING:Indexing is done with the use of clear, flat mylar laminated, and black ink labels.

CLING MOUNTED SETS (no individually mounted cling foam stamps at this time): In the Nature and Scenic Sentiment Sets, the cling foam versions of stamps are pre-trimmed and mounted on 1/8" grey EZ Mount foam material ready to use on acrylic blocks or stamp positioners and come on plastic storage sheets.

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Do you sell unmounteds?

Yes, we do. Almost all of our stamps are available UM at this point. In the design modules (stamp section) if there is an unmounted option, it will be designated below the image. Also, we have unmounted sheets available featuring a selection of imagery.

My unmounted stamp storage method

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Is Stampscapes an Angel Company?

Yes. The usage of Stampscapes stamps for hand stamped products for resale is fine with us. For mechanical reproduction of Stampscapes designs for products for resale, contact Stampscapes with a description of how and where the image is to be used for review.

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How old is Stampscapes?

Stampscapes has been in business since 1993. Gosh, time sure flies when you're having fun.

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Do you have a store?

Stampscapes is mainly a mail order company but we occasionally attend a stamp convention. There are also some stores that carry the line. If you don't have a store in your area that carries the Stampscapes line, you can order from us direct or call a store listed under the Retail Store List to see if you can order from them.

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Do you have a hard copy catalog?

We don't have a hard copy catalog but all of our products can be found on the website.

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Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do. We sell to retail BRICK-AND-MORTAR COMMERCIAL STOREFRONT operations only if in the US or Canada. For wholesale information, send us proof of storefront such as a photograph of your store or a yellow page ad. or listing. If you have a website with photos and this information online you can direct us to your site. Residential or online only operations are considered for some overseas sellers if they're not in or near a country where there is already a seller.

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Where can I take a Stampscapes class or workshop?

Stampscapes classes are being taught at some remaining stores listed in the Retail Store List but retail storefronts have become pretty limited. If you have a retailer of the line in your area, contact them to see if in-person instruction is available. If you're reading this, you probably have access to the internet. Our Stampscapes channel has hundreds of free instructional videos available 24 hours/day 7 days/week. You can go to and do a search for "Stampscapes" and our videos and channel will come up. You can also see the videos embedded in both our lessons section of this website or specific lessons are embedded in the stamp modules if there is one for that specific design. For beginner lessons on the youtube channel, try the "stamp-along" videos where simple compositions are created with easy to apply techniques but still give all the basics of creating scenes. Another great source of information on techniques and design specifics is from all of the great stampers in the peer lead Stampscapes Facebook Group. For the FB group, you have to be a member of Facebook and then join the group to view the content. In our gallery section, you can also view thousands of samples done in different techniques by stampers from all over the world.

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Do you have an instructional video?

Stampscapes has a channel where you can watch over 500 instructional videos online. To see a sample video below you can click on the "play" button on the video below and you can click on the youtube link at the lower right corner of the video to take you to the website where all the Stampscapes videos have been posted.

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How often is the website updated?

The site is updated about once per month in some section or another.

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