"Universe Considered" by Steve James, MD 1994

Stamp Designs: "Figure" by company unknown, Cloud ( Cumulus) 018E, Cloud (Cumulus) Lg. 019G, Milky Way Lg. 059G, Full Moon Lg. 038D, and Foliage 035A by Stampscapes®.

Notes: This is a scene that I had up on my bulletin board for years. Saw an article on Steve James back in an older issue of Rubber Stamp Madness before I started Stampscapes® so I recognized his name when it came by my desk back when. What I remembered from the article was that Steve was color blind. Anyway, from the compositions and color schemes I've seen of his it doesn't seem to be a hindering issue. I like the movement in the scene as the clouds seem to spiral and funnel into space. The piece leaves us to ask this question: Are the swirling billows of vapor a mental projection of the thinker's thought process, or are the gaseous droplets of dew a physical reality?

"Nature" by Stephen E. James MD, 1994

Images: Woman, Large Moon, and upper Pine limbs by companies unknown. Rocks in Water by A Stamp in the Hand Co. Cascading Falls Lg. 015G, Boulders w/Trees 006E, Tall Rock w/Falls 081E, Tall Rock 079E, Pickerel Rush 064E, Cattails 016B, Cattails Lg. 017D, Reeds Lg. 068D, Leafless Limbs Lg. 053F, Foliage 035A, Full Moon Lg. 038D, Ducks in Formation Lg. 028B, Water Lilies (discontinued) 091B by Stampscapes®.

Note: Another great piece by Stephen. The composition and overlapping textural variety is a real treat for the eyes.