Lesson: Ophelia
by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 2007
4.25" x 11" Glossy card stock, dye based and pigment inks, and a white gel pen.

Sections of Pond were stamped across the page. I used the top section and bottom and stamped those sections about three times from left to right.

Tree Trunk Trio, Tree Trunk, and Grass Texture were stamped. A combination of black and dark brown was used to color the trunks and brown and green were used for the grass texture. Impressions were all stamped at slight angles for visual movement. Overhanging Leaves from 100 Proof Press were stamped across the top of the scene.

Spooky Branch was stamped in black across the bottom of the scene for additional foreground depth. The woman by 100 Proof Press was stamped in the water. I removed most of the ink on her lower half as the idea is to make it appear as if she's under water.

To improve the density of the forest, Reeds were stamped on the waters edge as well as Reeds Lg. in the foreground. Leafy Branch was stamped on the right side of the scene.

Portions of the stamp Lilly Grass was stamped throughout the water to create surface texture. Sea Sea Grass (Green) was added to the scene with a Colorbox Stylus Tool. With this first color, I want to establish a general lighting scheme. The areas that I leave the white of the paper will be the lighting focal point of the scene. In this scene, the natural "spotlit" location would be the figure in the water.

In these scenes we took the scene through additional green and brown tones. The brown tones fleshed out the trees and created shadows and a dark perimeter frame.

Blue tones were added to the pond being careful not to darken all of my light area around the figure so that it would still have the illusion of illumination by contrast.

More blue tones were added. Darker and brighter tones were used around the banks of the pond and on the surface of the pond in lightly applied streaks.

Foliage Lg. and Foliage were added throughout the forest floor in black. The scene needed further textural density especially in the grassy areas. Black ink was also used to darken shadows in the scene on the pond, grass, trees, and perimeter.

Yet another layer of imagery was added to the scene. Twisting Leaves was added to the foreground in black. A white gel pen was used to create highlights throughout the scene. I've placed these little dots on the sides of the trees facing the light and have placed more on the tree trunks closest to the light. That's the trick to using highlights --don't place them uniformily throughout the scene. Vary your application of them and place more of them in lighter areas. It doesn't make sense to have a lot of sparkly bright highlights in dark areas such as shadows. Colorbox White pigment ink was used to create a misty texture in the scene and to difuse some areas to give the scene a more dreamy feel.