Lesson: Palms with Huts Sm.
4.25" x 5.5" glossy card stock and dye based and pigment ink.

More of a before and after than a full lesson.

Black dye based ink: Palms with Huts Sm. 310E, Palm Island 120F, Row Boat 166A, Frond #2 137C, Frond #3 138C, and Flock 112A were stamped. A slight green tinge was added to the Palm Island palm trees with a dark green Marvy Pen by inking the trees up with a black Marvy Pad #1 black first and then applying a few strokes of green to the palm trees. This introduces some black to the green pen but a few swipes of the pen on to a piece of blotter paper afterwards rids the pen of that black with no problem. I've always found this method to work the best when it comes to the blending of colors. Hot Sun 285E was stamped in Marvy #88 "Terra Cotta. All of these images are also available on one unmounted plate.

Using a Colorbox Stylus Tool with a white oval tip, a series of warm tones were applied to the scene from a pale yellow (in the form of a Ranger Sea Shells "Lemonade") to a Marvy #5 Yellow, #7 Orange, #2 Red, #65 Cherry, #6 Brown, and #18 Dark Brown. Colors were applied from the lightest value to the darkest. The key to the application of these colors is to progressively keep your darker tones to the perimeter and shadow areas of the scene. The horizon was made by masking out the sky with a mask starting from an area under the sun to the top of the scene. Light, medium, and dark tones listed above were applied to the area from the mask-down to create the darker horizon line.

Black ink was applied to the scene in the four corners of the card and in some of the deepest shadows.

A white gel pen was used to place highlights on the ocean surface to get it to "shimmer". To enhance the idea of cast light, reflected light has been added in the form of dot highlights on various items throughout the scene. Trees, fronds, bushes, and rocks have highlights on them and always on the side that faces the sun. For example, if a tree is to the left of the sun, the highlight will be on a right edge of a branch, frond, or tree trunk. Rocks under the sun will have a highlight on the top edge.