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Tyra Smith Lessons

TS lessons, tips, and techniques information are for private non commercial use. For commercial, instructional, or other professional usage of the TS lessons, contact Tyra Smith for information.


Below are thumbnails of the various Tyra Smith Lessons. To see a complete lesson simply click on the thumbnail image.

Progression Lessons, 1-28

9-Step: Nature's Magnificence
Nature's Magnificence
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

8-Step: Rocky Mountain Lullaby
Rocky Mountain Lullaby
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

7-Step: Deer Country
Deer Country
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

8-Step: Sailor's Beacon
Sailor's Beacon
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

7-Step: Fisherman's Haven
Fisherman's Haven
(Colored Pencils)

7-Step: Little Brown Church
Little Brown Church
(Colored Pencils)

9-Step: Phone Home
Phone Home
(Radiant Pearls)

11-Step: Moonlit Cabin
Moonlit Cabin
(Pastels Pencils)

9-Step: Country Chapel
Country Chapel
(Pastel Pencils)

11-Step: Gone Fishin'
Gone Fishin'
(Polymer Clay)

5-Step: Black Beauty Pin
Black Beauty Pin
(Polymer Clay)

9-Step: Pink Aurora Borealis
Pink Aurora Borealis
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

12-Step: Mountain Mill
Mountain Mill
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

10-Step: Cove's Delight
Cove's Delight
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

10-Step: Diamond Mosaic
Diamond Mosaic
(Colored Pencils)

12-Step: Island Mystique
Island Mystique
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

8-Step: Trees In Watercolor
Trees In Watercolor
(Watercolor Crayons)

8-Step: Oceanside CrystalScapes
Oceanside CrystalScapes
(Caught in Crystal Technique)

8-Step: Iridescent Lighthouse
Iridescent Lighthouse
(Sheer Heaven Cardstock)

8-Step: River Cabin
River Cabin
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

8-Step: Mystic Falls
Mystic Falls
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

8-Step: Moonlight Madness
Moonlight Madness
(Stippling w/Dye Inks)

14-Step: CrystalScape Luminary
CrystalScape Luminary
(Caught in Crystal Technique)

6-Step: Shattered Glass Wallhanging
Shattered Glass Wallhanging
(UTEE and Colored Pencils)

12-Step: Faux Paper Cast Loon
Faux Paper Cast Loon
(Paper Casting)

9-Step: Stampscapes Domino Magnets
Domino Magnets
(Brilliance Inks)

8-Step: Stampscapes Domino Keychain
Domino Keychains
(Pinata Inks)

10-Step: Stampscapes Domino Necklace
Domino Necklaces
(Pinata Inks)