"Five Scenes" by Kim Lundstrom, MN 1998

Stamp Credits: Meadow Lg 057G, Buck Lg 009G, Lakeside Cabin 147F, Solo Canoeist 159A, Water Mill Lg 143G, Lakeside Cove Lg. 049G, and Duck Trio in Flight 023A, by Stampscapes®.

Note: Kim was doing some cards for a fund raiser and I thought I would pick up a few. I really like what she's done. When we're making several cards in that kind of situation time is, of course, an important factor. I can, at times, spend a couple hours on one scene with most of them taking about 30 minutes. I think Kim's solution to another time allowance is terrific here. The braired backgrounds and simple compositions lends itself to nice elegant scenes. These cards don't miss a beat in their application of the designs. The cards are like little glowing jewels. -K