Sunset at Reed Lake by Terry Luper OR 2004

Deep Blue Lake by Terry Luper, OR 2004

"High Rocks Falls" by Terry Luper, OR 2004

"Coming Home Late" by Terry Luper, OR 2004

Summer Lake by Terry Luper, OR 2004

Artists note: When I first started to do this I used the crooked path and was going to mask off to make it look like only part of the lakeside cabin is visible but I kept over masking and it just didn't look right then I came up with the idea of using the road making it look like it ended at the lake and was quite pleased with how it looked...... The sky was done by using the splash stamp like the TA as I had done that in a scene on the grass ffor the lady at sutter enterprises which will be on her site soon..... I got the idea to use the splash stamp from one of the other artists in your customer gallery after trying it I said what a great idea... I've done the same thing with small water pattern which also works really great...... The small sedge filler works good too just not as good as the splash...... The way I do my grass colors is first pale green,then brown,yellow,jungle gree,deep lilac or terra cotta to add a little wildflower like color,and finally use either pine green or bottle green in different areas.... I have at times used celery instead of pale green to start. My water is usuall done with one of the medium dark blues then I like to put in a little bubble gum pink and pale violet. In this scene I did the sky in salvina blue and added patches of bubble gum pink,often i'd add a little brillant yellow....... I still want to learn how to make really great sunsets kind of like yours as I think of you as my mentor...... As usual I used the marvy matchable ink pads to add color to my scapes and this scene I used the crafters nibs to add color to everything except the sky........ I'll be making more scene using this new method....... As usual I'm picturing this somewhere in Montana..... -TL