Justin Miller Gallery


Justin is a part of A Fistful of Stamps rubber stamp company. Here's the description on their website:

Who are we? We're artists who are stampers and stampers who are artists. We're also rustlin' wranglin' ropin' rootin' tootin' hi-fa-lootin' gun slingin' rabble rousin' blues singin' rough and tumble web junkies.

We don't think our rubber stamps are just stamps! Each one is a tool for creating art and expressing ideas and thoughts. Our artists enjoy providing you with the tools to express yourself! As you can see by our product line, some of our artists are aviation enthusiasts. Others are into Spaghetti Westerns. Our stamp designers have as wide and varied a backgrounds as our stamp design collection! We've also got science fiction, sailing and nautical stamps, old world images, scenery, and much more!

We're a small but growing rubber stamp company. We only sell original designs, we don't copy images out of history books or clip art. We've got a very small staff but very big ideas.

We're located in the air capital of the world, and an old western town rich in western tradition: Wichita Kansas. Some of our rootin' tootin' rustler stamps are inspired by folks from around here!

A Fistful Of Stamps