Contest Winner Meridith Weilert's Prize

Pools of Green

"Pools of Green"
by Kevin Nakagawa, 1997

Note: In this scene the subject was depth. Depth in colors and of images. "Ghosting" of images was achieved by adding and covering up multiple layers of various designs that came and went with several applications of colours. In some areas up to 20 layers of various hues, in different values and temperatures, were applied. This building up of images and colours resulted in, for me, a deep sense of space on a 2 dimensional plane. The glow is achieved through selective glazing of hue with the Tonal Applicator design and a dry brush application of "streaks" (adding tone in a wiping motion with a waded up paper towel). The goal was to try and achieve a look where it almost seemed like the light was coming from within the water itself as opposed to reflecting light coming from above somewhere. The "sparkle" of the falls and highlights on various objects is achieved by adding dots using an extra fine opaque white paint pen. The Sakura brand pen is somewhat transluscent while the Uchida is more opaque. I like both. Final glazes were applied with Studio 2 pens. These are great glazing pens for this method of stamping in that they're offered in various %'s. I like using the 10% and 20% values. Mostly the 10% ones. Unfortunately I don't think they're offered any longer in that percentage. I can understand it as they're very very light and probably aren't that practical for most people's general stamping needs.

Medium: Dye based inks by Uchida and Printworks. Studio 2 pens by Graphic Marker USA.
Opaque white paint pens by Sakura and Uchida.