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Nakagawa Lessons

Below are thumbnails of the various Nakagawa Lessons. To see a complete lesson simply click on the thumbnail image.

Nakagawa Lessons Page I

Progression Lessons:

101: The Value of Value
The Value of Value

101: Scene Lighting
Scene Lighting

101: Autumn Vista
Autumn Vista

101: Palms with Huts Sm.
Palms with Huts Sm.

101: Light, Rocks, and Waves Sm.
Light, Rocks, and Waves Sm.

101: Country Chapel Sm.
Country Chapel Sm.

101: Lakeside Cove Sm.
Lakeside Cove Sm. Moons

101: Forest Falls
Forest Falls

101: Ophelia

101: Winter Flurry
Winter Flurry

101: Black as Night/Ink
Black as Night / Ink

101: Celestial Dreamer
Celestial Dreamer

101: Blue Breath
Blue Breath

101: Moon Phases
Moon Phases

101: These Eyes
These Eyes

101: Blue Birth
Blue Birth

101: Forest Lights
Forest Lights

101: Cherub Lights
Cherub Lights

101: Sugar Plum Dreams
Sugar Plum Dreams

7-Step: Fall Forms
Fall Forms on Claybord

8-Step: Shimmering in Green
Shimmering in Green

11-Step: Hands of Levitation
Hands of Levitation

9-Step: Grouch on the Hill
Grouch on the Hill

101: Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction

101: Blue Brook Falls
Blue Brook Falls

101: Blue Comet
Blue Comet

101: Blue Palm Cove
Blue Palm Cove

101: Cabin and Doe
Cabin and Doe

101: Cascading Falls Lake
Cascading Falls Lake

101: Horseback Rock
Horseback Rock

101: Octopus Attack
Octopus Attack

101: Palms with Bungalows
Palms with Bungalows

101: Red Volcano
Red Volcano

101: Silver Falls
Silver Falls

101: Spring Hillside
Spring Hillside

101: Three Horses
Three Horses

101: Totem Flames
Totem Flames