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Video 23C. The Covered Bridge. Part 3 of 3.

Video 23B. The Covered Bridge. Part 2 of 3.

Video 23A. The Covered Bridge. Part 1 of 3.


Video 22. Stampbord --Old Barn (sm).


Video 21B. Snowy Oaks in the Mist. Part II (but should have been part III)

Video 21A. Snowy Oaks in the Mist. Part I.


Video 20B. First Impressions. "The Snowy Bridge" part II.

Video 20A. First Impressions. "The Snowy Bridge" part I.


Video 19B. First Impressions. "The Shack" part II.

Video 19A. First Impressions. "The Shack" part I.


Video 18. Finishing ideas for finished scenes.

Video 17. Intro to Stampbord


Video 16B. "Moonlit Pool" (Bleed Proof White)

Video 16A. "Moonlit Pool" (composition and color)


Video 15. "Cloud Depth and Texture"


Video 14. "The Rays"


Video 13. "The Green Glow"


Video 12B. "The Ledge" Part II.

Video 12A. "The Ledge" Part I


Video 11. Re-inking Pens

Video 10. Varied Impressions.


Video 9. Depth Through Value


Video 8. Monochromatic Lighthouse


Video 7. Dye Based Inks

Video 6. White Gel Pen and Pigment Ink Embellishment


Video 5. More color application.


Video 4. Introduction to color application


Video 3. Seamless Skies


Video 2. Seamless Scenes and Altering Stamp Usage


Video 1. Seamless Scenes