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Video 89. Blue Moon Over the Lake.


Video 88. The Glossy Paper Tests.

Video 87. A Few Paper/Envelope Pick Ups.

Video 86. Light and Mist.


Video 85. Tack 'N Peel.

Video 84. Monochromatic Finishes.

Video 83. Spring Confetti.


Video 82. Pink in Grey.


Video 81. Finishing Two of the "sketches".

Video 80. Stamp Sketching (with Nature Set #11).


Video 79. Rotring Rapidograph.

Video 78. Loon on Stampbord.


Video 77. Night Lights.


Video 76. Sound of Silence.


Video 75. Glossy Coated Cardstock.

Video 74. Earth Laughs in Flowers.


Video 73. Color Schemes.

Video 72. Lakeside Cabin Nature Sheet #6 introduction.


Video 71. Finishing Touches.

Video 70. Acrylic Sprays (finishing your sprays).

Video 69. Dramatic Shading.

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Video 68. Stylus Tools Do's and Dont's.

Video 67. Free Form Ink Application.


Video 66. Spring Barn.


Video 65. River Hike.


Video 64. Dancing in the Moonlight.