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Stampscapes 101: Video 173. Mountain Mist


Stampscapes 101: Video 172. Spring into Yellow


Stampscapes 101: Video 171. A Trip to the Tropics

Sunset Scene images:      

Beach Scene:        

Stampscapes 101: Video 170. Lighting and Imagery with Negative Space

Stampscapes 101: Video 169. Colors: Browns, Pink, Magenta


Stampscapes 101: Video 168. Colors: Brown/Pink/Blue


Stampscapes 101: Video 167. Grey and Black color scheme base.

Video 164. Clouds and Light Beams


Video 162. Moonlight is Sculpture

Figure image by The Moon Rose, NY

Video 161. A Simple Approach to Lighting Schemes

Video 160. Simple Compositional Foundations


Video 159. Stamps 054F Ledge and 205F Boulders with Lichen


Video 158. Stamps 148F/149F Waterside Bluffs Left/Right


Video 157. Fine Tuning/Tweaks: Objects in Grass


Video 156. Stamp 265D Sedge Cluster sm


Video 155. Midnight Rider


Video 154. Mystic Pyroclastic

Figure image by 100 Proof Press

Video 152. Star Circles

Castle image by Fruit Basket Upset

Video 151. Eagles in the Light


Video 145. Autumn Reflections


Video 144. Stones in Green


Video 143. Creek of Gold


Video 142. Stars over Snow


Video 141. Manzanita Mist


Video 138. Stamp Sketching with the Stone Bridge


Video 137. Stamp Sketching

Video 136. Spooky Sky Set


Video 134. Warm Up Scene


Video 132. Shading and Highlighting


Video 131. The Sky and the Sea


Video 128. Warm Tones on Winter


Video 127. Magenta Skies


Video 126. Bridge in the Mist


Video 125. Night Music


Video 122. Paint and Gel Pen Applications

Video 121. Eagle, Trunks, and the Moon


Video 110. Purple Lights at Night


Video 109. Night Lights II


Video 108. Make-up Wedge Color Application


Video 107. Blue Moon Beams.


Video 106. Grass Textures.


Video 105. Blue Moon and Eagle.


Video 103. Covered Bridge and Graphite.


Video 102. Highlights on a Mid-Toned Paper.


Video 101. Moon Over the Snowy Brook.


Video 100. Stamp Sketches (with Nature Set #10+)


Video 99. Covered Bridge Stampbord.


Video 98. Stampbord Butterfly.


Video 97. Stampbord Lakeside Triptych.


Video 96. Snowy Creek on Stampbord.


Video 95. Background or Images First?

Video 94. Morning Mist (Light on the Water).


Video 93. Stamp Incarnations.

Video 92. Light on the Water.


Video 91. Night Traveler.


Video 90. The Icy Mist.