Joe Nathan NV 2001

Images: Lighthouse by Rubber Art. Sedge Bank (left) 234F, Sedge Bank (right) 233F, Wave Pattern (small) 231C, Flock in H20 225D, Luminous Sun 199E & Reeds Lg. 068D by Stampscapes®.

Media: Imprint with Archival Mustard, Stamp It Bright Brown, Adirondack Espresso Ink Pads, Soft Pastels & Pastel Pencils sealed with Matte Fixative.

In order to make this scene, must mask the Lighthouse. -J.U.N.

"Ship John Shoal Lighthouse Fortesque, New Jersey" by Joe Nathan NV 2001

Located in Delaware Bay, named after a ship. Built in1876 and rebuilt in 1877. The light flashes white on the channel side and red on the Shoal side. It has a fog horn which emit a blast every 20 seconds when in use.

Images: Lighthouse by Stender Design. Sailboat by Stampendous. Autumn Bank (right) 214G, Wave Pattern (small) 231C & Luminous Sun199E by Stampscapes®.

Media: Imprint with Adirondack Espresso, Archival Mustard Ink Pads, Pastel Pencils & Soft Pastels sealed with Matte Workable Fixative.

"Great Day For Sailing" by Joe Nathan, NV 2001

Images: Seagulls by Time To Stamp. Lights, Rocks Waves 220G, Sedge Bank(right) 233F, Sedge Bank (left) 234F, Wave Patterns(small) 231C & Sailboat 153B by Stampscapes®.