Point Robinson Light by Joe Nathan NV 2001

Built 1915, located Eastern end of Maury Island off Vashon Island in King County Park. Near the light you can see interesting shells and sealife.

Images: Lighthouse by Nature's Images. Lakeside Cove Lg.-049G, Luminous Sun-199E, Wave Pattern (small)-231C & Rowboat-166A by Stampscapes®.

Media: Imprint with Adirondack Espresso & Archival Mustard Ink Pads, Pastel Pencils & Soft Pastels in the sky and sealed with Matte Fixative.

Try and take advantage of the reflection of the sun on the water. I used a Pastel Pencil to get that effect. -J.U.N.

Old Presque Isle by Joe Nathan NV 2001

Built 1840, located on Presque Isle on the shores of Lake Huron. There is no bulb in tower. A light was seen in 1992. Some people say it was haunted by the former caretaker.

Images: Lighthouse by Hardware Stampin. Canoe large-011B,Autumn Bank (left)-213G Autumn Brook-212G & Wave Pattern(small) 231C by Stampscapes®.

Media: Imprint with Adirondack Espresso Ink Pad. All detailing including water with Pastel Pencils. Soft Pastels in sky and sealed with a Matte Fixative.

This scene I started off with the Lighthouse and then masked and connected the rest together. Try Post-A-Note and Removable Tape for masking. -J.U.N.

Lime Kilm Lighthouse By Joe Nathan NV 2001

Built 1919, Located Westside of San Juan Island, Washington. In the Lime Kilm State Park. Also known as the whale watchers park.

Images: Lighthouse by Wildlife Enterprises. Grass by Ala Art. Water Pattern(small)-231C,Sail Boat-153B, Flock 112A & Luminous Sun-199E by Stampscapes®.

Media: Imprint with Adirondack Espresso, Stream, Pitch Black & Archival Mustard, Sea Brights Awning Green Ink Pads, Pastel Pencils and Soft Pastels in sky.