"Volcanic" by Bev Ramsey 1997 / Images by Stampscapes and A Stamp In the Hand Co.
Colours: Dye based inks, Opaque white. Note: In this scene, value around the "Fountain of Light" gives the illusion of the plume as being the light source. By darkening the area around the explosion the fountain appears to be "lighter" by contrast. Temperature was added using various warm tones throughout the scene such as yellows and oranges. As we move off to the sides of the scene this rainbow of colors transitions into pinks, reds, and magenta. Highlights were applied using an opaque white paint pen.

"Pastel Falls (envelope)" by Bev Ramsey, CA 1994

Images: Foreground Rocks by A Stamp in the Hand Co. Gushing Falls Lg. 043G, Tall Rock w/Falls 081E, Cattails Lg. 017D by Stampscapes®.

"Watercolor Watermill Lg" by Bev Ramsey, CA 1996