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Simplescapes Lessons

These lessons are for quick but effective landscapes. Typically, these scenes will take a stamper as little as 5-10 minutes per card. Naturally, one has to become a little familiar with the techniques, but with minimal practice one can master these scenes very quickly.

Simplescapes Lessons

Simplescapes: Moonlit Cabin Miniscapes
Moonlit Cabin "Miniscapes"

Simplescapes: Sun Pines Miniscapes
Sun Pines "Miniscapes"

Simplescapes: North Star Miniscapes
North Star "Miniscapes"

Simplescapes:  Carved Mill
Carved Mill

Simplescapes:  Carved Light
Carved Light

Simplescapes:  Lake Aqua Blue
Lake Aqua Blue

Simplescapes:  Rustic Sepia
Rustic Sepia

Simplescapes:  Antique Mill
Antique Mill

Simplescapes:  Lakeside Foliage
Lakeside Foliage

Simplescapes:  Birthday Lights
Birthday Lights

Simplescapes:  Birthday Row
Birthday Row

Simplescapes:  Fall Forest
Fall Forest

Simplescapes:  Gum Drop Lake
Gum Drop Lake

Simplescapes:  Herbal Falls
Herbal Falls