Shadowbox Lake

"Shadowbox Lake" by Tyra Smith, WI May 1998.

Images: Cloud by Wildlife Enterprises, Lakeside Cove 048E, Spruce 078F, Wading Fisherman 186B, and Reeds 067B by Stampscapes®.

Artists notes: "I layered from back to front and also from front to back... You can see that if you look closely inside the box. (trying to remember....hmmmm) On the back layer is the main scene... done in my usual style...LOL upper left... I used a cloud from Wildlife Enterprises... stamped it on white glossy and also on gray glossy...cut both out, layered the white on top of the gray (gray peeking out some behind the white) I used foam mounting tape to affix all the seperate pieces to the interior. Then I placed the "cloud set' on the back layer once again using foam mounting tape. Bottom reeds.... cut two strips 2" wide...used the small reed stamp and just stamped it all over both strips in two different colors of green. Then I took my little scissor and snipped "tips" across the entire length on the top...looked much more realistic than just sticking that 2" strip across the bottom. Then I used a tiny beading needle and gold thread and "sewed" the fishing line over that pole and into the mouth of the bass, securing the end of the thread under a tiny piece of foam mounting tape.. Since the very first time I saw that wading fisherman stamp, I KNEW he needed some fishing line on his pole...just didn't know HOW to getit on there....LOL -TS

Note: This is really a great construction. It's like a precious little jewel that reminds me of these Easter eggs that my mom made out of sugar that would come out of storage every year. They were the kind of eggs that have a hole in the side that, when peered into, revealed various scenes. It looked like different worlds in those eggs as this scene looks like it's own little self contained special getaway. -KN-