Tri-Folio Card

"Tri-Folio Card" by Tyra Smith, WI May 1998.

Images: ImaginAir Designs N1412 Comet, Stampscapes®: 059G Milky Way Lg, 195G Rocks & Pines, 196F Pine, 018E Cloud Cumulus, 201E Cloud w/Crescent Moon, 046A Jumping Bass.

Materials: White Glossy Cardstock, Colored Matte Cardstock, Stipple Brushes, wall paper

Colour: Pads -Dye Inks by Halos (Bedell-Kraus), Marvy Matchables, and Printworks, Markers by Marvy LePlume II, Gold Paint Pen and Opaque White Paint Pen

Note: I think this card is incredible. I love theme based compositions of related/complementary visuals like triptychs. This format and the building blocks --wedge shaped windows, gold flourishes, wallpaper matting, etc.-- add up to a beautiful and elegant whole. -K-