Human Significance

"Human Significance" by Tyra Smith 1998

"For millenia, we Indians lived as part of the Earth. We were part of the prairies and the forests and the mountains. We knew every blade of grass, every plant, every tree. We knew the winds and the clouds, the rivers and the lakes. We knew every one of the creatures that fly and crawl and burrow and run and swim -all our relatives with whom we share this Earth. We are part of the Earth but not the most important part.

We knew the universe and how it includes and interacts with our Grandmother Earth... If all the green things that grow were taken from the Earth, there could be no life. If all the four-legged creatures were taken from the Earth, there could be no life. If all the winged creatures were taken from the Earth, there could be no life. If all our relatives who crawl and swim and live within the Earth were taken away, there could be no life.

But, if all human beings were taken away, life on Earth would flourish.

THAT is how insignificant we are." -Russell Means

Images: Buffalo Stampede: 304G Buffalo Lge, ImaginAir Designs: N1413 Comet Hale-Bopp, Wildlife Enterprises: M107-D Cougar Head, M102-H Timber Wolf, M116-H Arab Head, B139-F Great Horned Owl, B124-F Bald Eagle, M128-G Grizzly Bear, M83-G Jackrabbit

Stampscapes® Stamps: 008A Buck, 023A Duck Trio in Flight, 027A Ducks in Formation, 035A Foliage, 101A Plant, 102A Fern, 112A Flock, 127A Leaf Sprig, 131A Rock Duo, 155A Spotted Horse, 158A Praire Dog, 162A Solo Duck, 163A Crane in H2O, 167A Bear, 170A Egret, 174A Salmon, 018E Cloud Cumulus, 054F Ledge, 124F Palm Frond, 188F Rocky Peaks, 057G Meadow, 133G Rocky Cliff Left, 134G Rocky Cliff Right, 182G Tall Peak, 198G Cloud w/Rising Moon, 203G Oak Branch, 139H Seaside Cove.

Materials: White Glossy Cardstock, Stipple Brushes, Ranger Polysparkle Embossing Powder

Colour: Pads -Dye Inks by Halos (Bedell-Kraus), Marvey Matchables, and Printworks, Pigment ink by Colorbox, Opaque White Paint Pen, Gold Paint Pen