063G Old Mill lg
(approximate size = 3" X 4.5")

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063G Old Mill Lg. - One of my early Stampscapes design favorites. I love stamping this out and coloring in the surrounding grassy area along with the mill itself while leaving the water somewhat lighter. This light moving water can end up in a pond or can flow right off the page if stamped low on the card. Leaving the lighter colored water will create an avenue for the viewer's eye to meander right up your waterway to the mill. The rustic subject matter of this design makes it a nice candidate for a sepia print looking scene. Stamp the design in dark brown instead of black, tone in the scene using light beige or tan tones along with light brown andyour scene will take on an antiqued look/feel. If you have too much space on the sides of this design, pair it with Meadow Lg. 057G or Pines & Rocks 195G to fill out the space.
P1280899   Beauty and Bread