"Cool Night" by Alec Tan, Singapore 2002

Note: Alec was a client of ours in Riverside, CA years ago with a store called Ponytails. Some might know him from his Rajah of Rubber angel theme mail order catalog from that time. Since then, Alec moved back to Singapore and several years later a call out of the blue. Turns out Alec pulled out his landscape stamps and he still has "it".

Alec: I guess how to use the tonal applicator is still in me. After I sent the poster to Queensland, Australia, where my Buddhist nun friend is stationed, they (the other nuns and my Teacher) were all excited. Usual comments... you did that with rubber stamps? Ha ha.

They wanna print posters of the poster I made. The image is pasted over a black board, with 4 lines from the Budda below that. It goes something like this: Clear your mind..... when praised or criticized.... do not be arrogant or be angry..... let go and be in peace.