The Tonal Applicator is basically an extension on sponging. With the Tonal Applicator one can control light through the use of shadow. You can blend colors. Glaze your scene. Add drama and direct the viewer's attention to whatever you want them to focus on. By tapping the Tonal Applicator lightly and in a condensed manner one can achieve a spectrum of blended colors. The Tonal Applicator is basically just a field of dots. Stamped once it will read as some pear shaped object. Stamped many times dots will join until a field becomes tone as opposed to shape. Start with light colors eg. yellow, a blotted pink, light blue, etc. I always tell people that your scene is like a coloring book and the Tonal Applicator is your crayon. Drawn in a straight line it will read as line. Filled in, it will read as tone. If you run the crayon in one area more than another it will be a darker version of that same color. For best results use water color or dye based pens or pads. Glossy or any coated smooth paper is the surface of choice. The new tonal applicators are used in conjunction with the original Tonal Applicator. The textures of the two can be used to add visual movement to a background eg. extending the rays of a sun out to the edge of a page. Instead of a tapping motion I stamp them in a sparse application with the pointed ends facing whatever light source I have chosen. For example, in a warm scene where I have applied yellow and orange tones with the original tonal applicator, I might add a slightly darker tone like red-orange with one of the new tonal applicators.

Are you curious as to how this image is used, or have you had problems with your initial applications of this image? If so, click here for a detailed TONAL APPLICATOR LESSON.

Stampscapes® Stamp Size Legend
A = .75" X 1" B = 1" X 1.5" C = 1" X 2.25" D = 1.5" X 2.25" E = 2" X 3" F = 2" X 4.5" G = 3" X 4.5"

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