The Stampscapes® 101: 9-Step Thumbnail Grid, Tyra Smith Lesson XII
Pink Aurora Borealis

NOTE: Please read through the Basic Stipple Brush Technique instructions prior to reading the lesson.

Frosted Aspens 218G is stamped with Ranger Archival Jet Black ink at the center bottom.

Fill the tree line by stamping Frosted Aspens 218G with Ranger Archival Jet Black ink at the left and right of the first one you stamped above in Step 1.

Aurora Borealis: Rays 001G is stamped with Ranger Adirondack Slate ink above the tree line in the sky area. Do not worry about any unstamped area in the sky.

With a smaller stipple brush, stipple Ranger Sea Brights Bikini Pink in the sky area to create the rays of the Northern Lights. The 001G Aurora Borealis: Rays you stamped earlier will serve as a "guide" to where your rays should be. If you are afraid of getting the rays "too pink", tap off the stipple on scrap paper before stippling on the cardstock. You can always go back later and darken up the pink rays if you need to.

Stipple Ranger Sea Shells Cloudy Blue ink over the sky area that is NOT pink. In some areas, overlapping of the colors will happen. It's OK, don't worry about it. Take your time and get a good base of the Ranger Sea Shells Cloudy Blue in the sky area.

Stipple Ranger Vintage Spring Floral ink over the blue area of the sky to start making the sky a bit darker. Use the edge of the stipple to reach tight spots between pink rays when needed. Stipple a layer of Ranger Sea Brights Sail Boat Blue over the sky area, followed by a layer of Ranger Archival True Blue.

The next task is to smooth and finish the sky area. Stipple Ranger Sea Brights Bikini Pink over the rays to darken them up if desired (I did). Smooth the blue sky area by stippling Marvy Matchable Salvia Blue over the sky area, overlapping a little big on the pink of the rays. Stipple Ranger Sea Shells Tropical Raspberry over the pink rays, once again overlapping onto the blue a bit.

Stipple Ranger Adirondack Lettuce over the tree area, being sure to get a fairly even coverage of the ink over the trees.

Stipple Ranger Archival Emerald into the tree area. Just splotch it in where you feel the trees would be darker, leaving some areas of the trees the lighter Ranger Adirondack Lettuce color. This will add a sense of depth and give the illusion of a light source which is located somewhere behind your left shoulder.

To begin a directional cue, stipple Ranger Sea Brights Sail Boat Blue over the upper right and lower left corners. Stipple Ranger Archival True Blue over the same area to darken it.

To reinforce the directional cue, Bare Branch Large 122F is stamped first with Ranger Adirondack Slate and then with Ranger Adirondack Espresso in the upper right and lower left corners.

To complete the directional cue and finish the piece, Geese in Flight 039A is stamped in the upper left area of the sky with Ranger Archival Jet Black ink.

"Pink Aurora Borealis" by Tyra Smith January 2001

Finished Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches

Images: Stampscapes®: 001G Aurora Borealis: Rays, 218G Frosted Aspens, 122F Bare Branch Large, 039A Geese in Flight

Materials: King James Cast Cote Glossy White 10 Point Cardstock, stipple brushes

Colour: Ranger Adirondack Dye Inkpads: Slate, Lettuce, Espresso
Ranger Archival Inkpads: Jet Black, True Blue, Emerald
Ranger Sea Shells Inkpads: Cloudy Blue, Tropical Raspberry
Ranger Sea Brights Inkpads: Bikini Pink, Sail Boat Blue
Ranger Vintage Dye inkpads: Spring Floral
Marvy Matchables: Salvia Blue