Sky & Water

"Sky & Water" by Lisa Webster of The Pampered Stamper, AZ 2000.

Images: Cabin 140E, Waterside Bluff Left 148F, Waterside Bluff Right 149F, Pine Row 150E, Pine Island 201E, Pine 196F, Cloud (Cumulus) 018E, Migrating Birds 151E, Meadow 057G, Hikers m/f 161A.

Ink: PSX: Wedgewood Blue. Adirondack: Denim, Eggplant, Lettuce, Pesto, Woodlands, Mushroom, and Ginger. Ancient Page: Coal.

Technique: Sky & Water: Tonal Applicator 084E. Cabin & Meadow: Stipple Brushes and Tonal Applicator.

Note: Mirroring the the color of the sky, blue hue has been added to the water surface. Repeated impressions of the Pine Row lends to a full forest surrounding the lake and cabin. This building of this scene was featured in an article for the The Arizona Republic in a profile on the retail store The Pampered Stamper. The store offers rubber stamping supplies, classes and events. Proprietors: Nancy and Lisa Webster.

Hiking Odyssey

"Hiking Odyssey" by Nancy Webster of the Pampered Stamper, AZ 2001

Images: Sedge Bank (right) 233F, Sedge Bank (left) 234F, Twisting Oak 226E, Oaks & Mist 224F, Flock 112A, Oak Branch 203G, Pickerel Rush 064B, Flock in H20 225D, Group Hike 169A.

Note: Nancy used a rainbow pad on all images in this scene. The sky is actually a more "peachy" color than shown but I couldn't seem to get an accurate scan. The colors created a nice atmosphere to the overall feel.

The store offers rubber stamping supplies, classes and events. Proprietors: Nancy, Steve, and Lisa Webster.

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