Caution: these are not 'fine' art, they are 'fun' art.

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Artists Notes: I don't stamp much, but once I found Stampscapes stamps, I found they provide a type of stamping that greatly appeals to me. This is a line of stamps which can be used in infinite combinations to create real (or surreal if you wish) scenes. In this set of pictures, in general the main elements are stamped in black, and the color is added with a stamp called the Tonal Applicator. Some stampers use a stipple brush for a similar effect.

These were my first attempts at using the 'tonal applicator' to add color to the pictures. I used the lessons at the Stampscapes site as a guide, so the first five will all bear a resemblence to ones that are on the Stampscapes site. I modified them according to the stamps and colored inks that I had on hand. These were all done on glossy paper and using Marvy dye based inks.

I don't claim to be a great artist, but with these stamps, you can easily make a picture that is relatively simple to do and is rather impressive. None of these particular pictures used masking or other fancy stamping techniques. The first is not great on the color application, but I think got the idea of the 'tonal applicator' by the second one. -AW

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