Linda Ellenwood Gallery VI

Hi Kevin,
I love using the stylus tool I can't thank you enough for the new method. I think it's the best way to add color to scenery. I've gone over your lessons several times each and following your steps and studying the pictures at the Hudson River School site is the best way to learn about color and light.

I wanted to become familiar with the stylus tool before I began coloring on the rubber. I thought I could see what I was doing better with black images. I felt the colored images might mask mistakes I was making with the tool. I wanted some quick cards so I could spend more time on the coloring instead of the backgrounds. I also want to become familiar with Brilliance ink, so I combined the two learning experiences together and made a lot of backgrounds with just Brilliance ink that was applied with "Cut and Dry" foam. I loved the outcome. The iridescent look doesn't scan very well so I'll send you a few in the mail. In the meantime I'm sending a some scanned pictures.

I've spent a lot of time looking at the Hudson River School pictures and I can see how many of them could be interpreted with your stamps and the stylus tool. I'm not ready for that yet but it will be fun to try sometime. LE

To contact Linda, you can email her at: Linda Ellenwood