"Moondancing is Strongly Encouraged" by Sherry Wharff, CA 1998

Stamp Credits: Hula Dancers by company unknown, Fern Row Lg. by A Stamp In the Hand Co., Cloud w/Moon 105E, Cloud Bar 119F, Seaside Cove 139H, Reeds Lg. 068D, Palm Frond Lg. 124F, by Stampscapes.

Note: Sherry's a dancer. When I look at this scene the "movement" of the piece is obvious. There's a rhythm/motion that the swaying palm fronds and grasses create. There's a repetition of form working throughout the scene that ties the entire piece together as well. The arc is present everywhere you look. The fronds the grass blades the dancer's gesturing arms all repeat this form --giving continuity. What really seals this idea is the negative shapes that are created by the actual foreground images. The space between the 3 large fronds creates similar "frond-like" negative shapes. Finally, the curved arms of the dancers gesture up to the moon in that same arcing swoop. Great color scheme too. The sea foam green and the misty rose/plum play off each other nicely. The final touches of the opaque white paint pen make the ocean's surface shimmer and "dance" in the moonlight. -K