Creator and owner of the Stampscapes line, Kevin has been teaching landscape and scenic stamping classes for 14 years across the country. He has extensive experience using the dye based inks and glossy paper techniques which you can see featured in the lessons section and gallery of this website. Also, Kevin is the developer of the Stampbord application of the Ampersand Art line of fine art panels which he teaches in his 103 class.


Stampscaping 101 "Scenic Stamping Basics" Dye Based Inks on Glossy Card Stock
Learn how to incorporate individual interchangeable nature stamps into seamless scenes of quiet pools of crystal clear water, cascading waterfalls, breathtaking panoramic views, and sumptuous sunsets with skies ablaze in golden hues. You'll learn simple techniques covering composition, color, blending and most exciting of all--masking and sponging without tedious cut outs or additional supplies. Escape with STAMPSCAPES. All supplies provided. Hiking boots optional.

Stampscaping 102 "Atmospheric Special Effects in Scenic Stamping" Dye Based Inks on Glossy Card Stock
An extension on the 101 class but a touch more structured in content. In this class we'll utilize what we've learned about dye based color gradations and use them to create a stronger sense of depth and atmosphere in our scenes. 1) We'll push depth with the usage of value. 2) Create free form sky effects with the Colorbox Stylus Tool. 3) Utilize the same Stylus Tool for detailed shading. 4) Add atmosphere with the usage of pigment inks --over our glossy paper/dye based ink scenes-- that, yes, will dry on glossy. 5) Use only black ink to achieve a full tonal gradation then color tint our scenes with shadow stamping pads. When added up, these extensions on the technique covered in 101 seem to introduce an even stronger emotional quality into the landscapes. Prerequisite: Stampscaping 101

Stampscaping 103 "The Art of Stampbord" Dye Based Inks on Stampbord
The techniques learned in 101 will be applied to a new medium --Stampbord. Stampbord is a hardboard panel with a thin layer of smooth white clay on the surface. The nature of this surface allows for media to be removed, or scraped off, in select areas to reveal the various layers of lighter inks that we'll apply to it. A more three dimensional effect can result from these marks giving your scenes incredibly rich surface textures. This board is quite possibly the most beautiful surface to stamp on and is an incredible media to take your scenes to a new level. Very dynamic and EASY to use. The surface isn't only for landscape stamping but works perfectly for it. We'll talk about various applications for these bords and ways to embellish them. Stampscaping 101 is good to have under your belt before taking this class but isn't absolutely necessary.