I've been a stamper for about 5 years. Ever since my wife bought a kid's set of stamps and pad to do her envelopes and then went to a stamp store and took a class it's been in my blood and on my hands. I love it. We stamp together almost every night.

In 2002 I went to the Stamp Convention in Carson, CA and sat in awe as I watched Kevin "do his thing". He gave me a signed and dated picture that still hangs on my wall. I was speechless. I bought numerous stamps from him that day, brought them home and looked at them for about the next 6 months. Once I got the courage to actually stamp one of the images I realized what an incredible product this man had created. It's not JUST stamping, it truly is an art form. When we would go to our home in Prescott we'd always do our shopping and take classes at Ben Franklin's. At that time a gentleman that worked there, by the name of Tim Holtz, was the teacher that later became a good friend. He pushed me into teaching and encouraged me to do the Stampscapes. The rest is history - until --I went to another show in Carson, CA and sat down with Kevin who taught me to do Stampbords. With his incredible talents he can teach anyone and everyone to create art. Too bad he can't be everywhere. It would be a much more beautiful world if he could. Now the rest is really history. It's only been a year and a half but feels like I was born with a scratch knife in my hand.

I teach Scapes/Bords about twice a month at:

Stamp Works, 238 S. Wall St., Chandler, AZ 85255. 480-899-5958.

My next class there is on Saturday, October 8, 2005. This class is Scapes using Clearsnap applicators doing Nebula (a Kevin creation from 1999), Purple Cove and Heading Home before The Storm. I also teach at:

Red Rubber Stamps, 12234 N. 51st Ave. Glendale, AZ 602-298-8600

and have recently started teaching at:

Creative Quest, 7146 N 57th Dr., Glendale, AZ 623-937-3750.

All three locations have newsletters and/or sites to get schedules for classes. Both my Scapes and Bords are on the Stampscapes Gallery and Stampbord Gallery I guess you could say that I'm a Scapes 'Purist' as I don't like to incorporate anything else with my Scapes stamps. The Tonal Applicator had always been my first choice of usage but Clearsnap Applicators is coming on very strong as my favorite application. The world is a much more beautiful place thanks to Kevin.

Pesho Stampscapes Galleries: I, II, III. Stampbord Galleries: I, II



Today Ken and his wife Delia were in SaddleBrooke where he gave two sessions of classes of the stamp club. This was my first experience using your product and I am so excited.

Several of the Saddlebrooke Stampers had attended Ken Pesho's classes at Stamp Works in Chandler and wanted other members of our club to have the opportunity to learn from Ken as well. Yesterday he taught 24 Saddlebrooke stampers his techniques using Stampscapes stamps. I have never seen the ladies as excited about learning the new techniques or as pleased with their art work! Ken's enthusiasm for stamping and Stampscapes is contageous. He is an excellent instructor! I mostly love his joy in sharing his talents. Pam Boedeker

Yesterday, I took the most fabulous class of my life! It was with Ken Pesho who came to our stamp club in SaddleBrooke, AZ. He was informative, patient and most of all inspirational! Never before have I been so excited about creative rubber stamping! Hopefully, I 'll get to take more classes from him in the near future. Sandra Polencheck

Just wanted you to know what a great job Ken Pescho did teaching a class using Stampscapes. He gave us so much good information and color guidance. I am very happy with the results. Linda Triboulet

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class that Ken taught our stamp club ladies this past Saturday using the Stampscape stamps. My husband was really impressed with the completed card front; he said it looked just like a painting - what a nice compliment. Opal Larkin

I just took a Stampscapes class with Ken and absolutely loved it. He came here to SaddleBrooke to do the class and it was very successful. He is a terrific teacher. Just wanted to let you know. Liz Spielmann

Hi Kevin, I Recently took a class at the Saddlebrooke Stamp Club from Ken Pesho, and would just like to tell you how enjoyable the class and Ken were. When my husband saw the two cards we made he was very impressed (which says a lot, as he usually just grunts at the cards I bring home), but when I showed them to my fellow neighbors they were so impressed they went out and bought me two frames for them! Several of us have since been practicing with the Stampscapes method and are really enjoying it. Even our mistakes aren't looking too bad! Thank you for the wonderful website, the concept and also for Ken who was such a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher. `We had a great time and learned so much. He brought a lot of joy to our day. Maureen Williams

Tucson 04/07 Stampbord Class