Susie began her life as a stamper by carrying her stamps around in a shoe box and heating her embossing powder over the electric stove. Now the office that was originally set up in her home to run her legislative lobbying business is stuffed full of drawers of stamps, and lined with shelves of all the tools, paints, papers and doodads of her stamping passion. (Somewhere in the middle of all that Susie still runs a lobbying practice!) In 2003 she turned her passion into a retail business, opening a "fine art stamps" store in Lacey, WA, called Art 'n Soul. The store specializes in a more "artsy" line of rubber stamps, as well as acclaimed classes in book-making, calligraphy, metal work, and unusual takes on stenciling, gold leaf, paste paper and the like. She enjoys teaching, and in 2005 began teaching Stampscapes techniques, especially when applied to Stampbord. Art 'n Soul is a "destination" store and she would love for you to stop by to browse and have a cup of tea, or join her in a class.

Tracy Stampscapes and Stampbord Galleries: I, II

THE MAGIC OF STAMPING ON STAMPBORD, $25 Stampbord is a clay-like surface adhered to heavy board. Stamping and coloring on it is a joy, and it is even more fun to carefully scratch off some of what you have stamped and colored to create amazing scenes. In class we will use special scratching tools, and Marvy and Sea Shell inks to make a number of different pieces to use on cards, place on books or boxes, or perhaps make into a checker board. Each student needs to provide his or her own scratch tools distributed by Stampscapes (who has made this technique so popular and famous). These tools are available at Art 'n Soul. As Kevin says, come scratch with Susie!

Art N' Soul
909 Sleater-Kinney Road SE, #10
Lacey, WA 98503
phone: (360) 357-6820
fax: (360) 438-3847