My Favorite Star
My Favorite Star

Loved that lunge we made into the cool water. I loved that summer night and our milky way that twisted on the ceiling. Nothing will ever take those memories away from me. Do it all over again you ask? Absolutely.

"My Favorite Star" by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 1998
Rubber Stamp Madness Ad - Jan/Feb '99

Media: Dye based inks, glossy card stock, oil pastels, Colorbox white, gel roller pens, Studio 2 pens (alcohol based), opaque white pain pens.

Images (top scene): Cloud (Cumulus) 018E, Cloud Cumulus Lg. 019G, Milky Way Lg. 059G, Palm Island 120F.

Images (bottom scene): Seaside Cove 139H, Solo Canoeist 159A.

Note: the Tonal Applicator was used to apply most of the colors in the scenes.