"Moose" by Jolene Meyer, Illinois 2001

9 3/4" x 8 1/2"

Images: Moose by Coronado Island. Meadow Lg. 057G, Old Mill Lg. 063G, Cloud w/moon Lg. 106G, Sedge Bank Left 234F, Sedge Bank Right 233F, Rocky Peaks 188F, Pines and Rocks 195G, Cloud Bar 119F, Cattails Lg. 017D, Buck 008A, Foliage Lg. 036B Foliage 035A, Duck Trio in Flight 123A, Tonal Applicator 084E, Tonal Applicator: Flame 116E.

Note: This scene really contains moments of true grace in either capturing the essence of nature at it's finest or perhaps depicting the ideal interpretation of the very location she portrays. I find the shimmering light to be absolutely stunning. ~KJN