"Journey's End" 1997. Tyra Smith, NE. Medium: Dye based colours, glossy card stock.
Images by Stampscapes & Embossing Arts (Journey's End #1141-J).

Notes. A nice example of Stampscapes being used as the setting or background for a given subject. A warm hue glows from the horizon as applied with the Tonal Applicator. Where the Tonal Applicator wouldn't be conducive for the application of tone Tyra wanted to achieve, traditional sponging was used. Soft shadows were added below the pines, brown hues to the background rocks of the Meadow and teepee. Additional greens were added to the trees and meadow grasses.

This is a nice example of Stampscapes® being used as the setting or background for a given subject. In Tyra's words this is how the scene was built:

"First stamped (IN BLACK dye ink!!!!) the scene..... filled in where necessary with black dye ink and the TA, just to give a uniform stippled coverage. Used the TA to add in a bit of brown over the "ground" area.....cleaned and put that TA AWAY!!! LOL. Next I dragged out my stipple brushes....(of varying sizes and widths...) and SEVERAL different colors of dye inks....and went to work...starting at the TOP of the scene, and working my way down. I just "dabbed" away with the stipple brushes and dye inks...."pouncing" color all over that card....layering color after color...to create darker colors and shadows when necessary. I did my detail work using a very small, fine stiff bristled paintbrush.... using dark greens for the trees.... etc. I covered up all the "black" dye ink....LOL I also used LePlume markers for the grass detail in a very light green. So, in short..you could say I...dabbedddd....dabbeeddd.... pounce pounce pounce....scratchhh..... pounce again.... Over and over and over!!!"