This is one of the most popular stamps in the line. I guess it really represents one of those places that I'd like to visit on a regular basis. For some examples of this design you can go to Vacation's Over, Sandi Marr's Island Calm, or Linda Ellenwood's South Pacific Journey where she utilizes Palms w/Huts several times throughout her progressional project.


A filler stamp to continue the palm tree structuring of Palms with Huts, Palms with Bungalows, and any other tropical image where a single impression of a given image doesn't fill the entire horizon line to your specifications.


An island moutain image to go along with any of the tropical images to give scale and texture to the background. Various applications of this mountain can be viewed in the Thumbnail Gallery: Page III.


To give a "burst" to your scenes, just add a "Fountain Of Light" to any mountain to create an explosion. With the Tonal Applicator 084E you can blend in tone to give a richness and vibrancy to the plumes of liquid fire. For examples of this usage see Vacation's Over. Or for other usages see Blue/Green Fountain, or Kathy Lewis' Celebration where she uses the "Fountain" like fireworks.

Similiar usage as Island Mountain Lg.
Stampscapes® Stamp Size Legend
A = .75" X 1" B = 1" X 1.5" C = 1" X 2.25" D = 1.5" X 2.25" E = 2" X 3" F = 2" X 4.5" G = 3" X 4.5"

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