Light Through the Clouds

"Light Through the Clouds" by Sue Wisniewski, CT 1998

Images: Crepuscular Rays 115G, Cloud (Cumulus) 018E, Crooked Limb 097E, color application done with the Tonal Applicator 084E.

Note: This card was sent in as an entry in the Stampscapes® Drawing.

Stamping Celebration

"Stamping Celebration" by Sue Wisniewski, CT 1998

Images: Mouse by House Mouse Designs. Stamps by company unknown. Cloud (Cumulus) 018E, Fountain of Light 104G, & Island Mountain 099E by Stampscapes®.

Star Bass

"Star Bass" by Suzan Wisniewski, CT 1999

Images: Geese in Flight Lg. 040B, Ducks in Formation 027A, Leafless Limbs 052C, Jumping Bass 046A, Waterside Bluff Left 148F, Waterside Bluff Right 149F, Boulders w/Trees Lg. 007G, Ripples 069A