People often ask, "How can I use my Stampscapes® stamps to create those beautiful landscape scenes I've seen on the samples page?" We have prepared Stampscapes® 101 to help you get the most out of your Stampscapes® stamps. Follow the nine-step lessons below to learn the Stampscapes® landscaping technique. Thumbnail images are used throughout the lessons; if you wish to see the image in greater detail simply click on the small thumbnail image. Note: Lesson 11 is a special 15-Step Progression Lesson.

STAMPSCAPES® 101: 9-Step Progression Lessons
Early Morning at the Brook Falls

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A Sunday Stroll

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Crescent Over the Cove

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Iridescent Lake

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Oaks & Stream

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Clouds & Milky Way

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Lake & Moon

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Lakeside Rays

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Cabin & Mountain

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Emerald Cliff

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